Minorities “Missing Out on Key Test for PCOS-Linked Diabetes”

Women with PCOS are at greatly increased risk of diabetes. But minorities  are significantly less likely than whites to receive a commonly used test to monitor control of blood glucose, according to Washington State University researchers.
Black and Hispanic patients diagnosed with diabetes are two to three times less likely than white patients to receive the A1C test during physician office visits, says the study.
The A1C test is regarded as a “monitoring cornerstone,” providing a retrospective snapshot of a patient’s blood-glucose level.
Hispanics and blacks are more than twice as likely to develop diabetes and suffer the consequences of insufficient monitoring, say the WSU researchers.
Earlier this year, the American Diabetes Association announced guidelines encouraging use of the A1C test in both the monitoring and diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, the most common form of the disease. Minorities need to know about the test and ask their doctors for it as part of their diabetes treatment.

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