3 Steps To Menstrual Regularity Day 1: Causes of Menstrual Irregularity

Welcome to the Menstrual Irregularity training. Hey, this is Robin Nielsen and I am so honored and excited to be here with you today. So honored and excited. This is, it’s always a really big deal for me to do these trainings. I absolutely love sharing information because information is power and what we do with that power when we actually take that knowledge and do something with it, it’s incredible. It can change our lives in a profound way and not only our health but our lives. So today is Day 1 of Three Steps to Menstrual Regularity Live training, and when you show up live, it’s so much more powerful. I love seeing that you’re here and I unfortunately cannot personally see you showing up every moment of the video, but if you would just say hello after each live training, I go in and I see your comments and I post on them.

Today is all about what causes menstrual irregularities. I’m going to dig into those root causes. I’m also going to share with you about normal menstrual cycles. Like what does a menstrual cycle look like? Many of us have never experienced a normal menstrual cycle. I’m going to share with you what that looks like, some history behind it, kind of how we see the menstrual cycle now, how it used to be seen, how it could be seen, how we can sort of change our view of what the woman’s menstrual cycle is and what it is all about.  I’m going to give you those actionable items that you can actually learn and put into action right away to help start to regulate your body and get back into more of a cycle with your body.

I know that menstrual irregularity is a big, big deal, right? It causes so much worry. It causes anxiety, it causes us pain when we have a menstrual cycle. It causes a severe mood swings that can cause us to have extreme fatigue, to be really tired. Maybe we don’t ovulate, maybe it’s a prolonged cycle, maybe it’s really heavy and really depleting. So there are so many different aspects of the menstrual cycle that many of us are experiencing. And certainly if you’re here joining this training, you’re experiencing some of those symptoms…

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