Can I Still Suffer From PCOS When I’m In Menopause?

Dear Robin: “I am wondering if I can still suffer from PCOS once I’m in menopause? I suffer from weight gain, feeling very tired, down in the dumps, and irritated.”  ~ Sonia

Dear Sonia: PCOS is a collection of symptoms of androgen excess, that can be caused by insulin resistance, adrenal dysfunction, inflammation, digestive issues, hormonal birth control pill, and more. This can result in weight gain, facial hair, hair loss, acne, irregular menstrual cycles, low moods, fatigue, digestive issues, poor thyroid and adrenal function and more.

So age isn’t really relevant here. While you will not experience the menstrual problems anymore, your other symptoms may continue to get worse.

Your body is telling you that it needs some extra support. Replacing the missing resources your body needs is critical to feeling better.

Here’s The Non-Negotiable, Must-Have, Feel-Good Resource List:

  1. Nutrient-dense Food: protein, fats, and carbohydrates that give your body energy, help it to build happy brain chemistry and muscle, help your liver to detox and help to build hormones and brain function. Eat for hormone balance!
  2. Nutrients: your body needs vitamins and minerals for every reaction, including feeling happy!
  3. Water: water helps you to stay hydrated keeping stress hormones at bay. Make sure it’s chlorine and fluoride free, and add a pinch of sea salt to take some pressure off your adrenal glands.
  4. Sleep: sleep is critical to healing. To bed no later than 10 pm. Make sure your room is completely dark and take all the electronics out of the bedroom.
  5. Movement: moving your body is so important for insulin sensitivity and happy brain chemistry, AND for getting in touch with your body. Walking is a great place to start. And getting outside is so nourishing for the body, mind, and spirit. Bundle up if it’s cold!
  6. Connection: surrounding yourself with people who “get” you is critical. Find a tribe that will love and support you to feel so much better.
  7. Pleasure: women just need pleasure to thrive!! What does that look like for you?

Connect with us here in our FB Group where I’ll be doing a training Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week on how to Break Free From Symptoms of Menopause. I’ll give you more details on the Resources above and show you how you can feel so much better.

You’ve got this beautiful sister!

~ Robin


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