Break Free From Menopause – Day 3: Vaginal Health

Hey, beautiful sisters. This is Robin Nielsen and I want to talk about getting our sexy back and kind of rediscovering ourselves because as we age, and we started out feeling so great, that really goes by the wayside. It sure did for me and I was focused on anything but my sexuality. I was so busy being out there that I forgot to be in here. Getting your sexuality back is all about getting back into your body and out of your head. That’s really all it is. It’s really just getting more in touch with our bodies. Today we are going to spend a little time doing that. One of the things that helps us to get back into our bodies is to do things that are pleasurable. I’m going to be sharing a lot of things that are pleasurable today and one of them is just putting on some pretty, but healthy lipstick, right?

Wearing some pretty earrings, wearing some jewelry that really feels grounding and supportive, putting on a pretty dress, pretty things really make us feel good, right? Connecting with your heart and really speaking from your heart and living from your heart, all of those things can really help us get back into our bodies and become sexier. A turned-on woman is a sexy. A turned-on woman is a sexy woman and it really starts right there. I know when I was younger, I learned sex from my husband. I didn’t really know about my own body. Nobody ever told me about my periods or my menstrual cycles or things that were happening to my body.

There was no class for that. I had no idea. I had sort of learned about it myself and I sort of learned how to do sex from my husband. I never really learned what made me happy. What’s really nice is that the first half of our lives, we’re more estrogenic. We’re much more nurturing and we’re all about taking care of other people. Then the second half of our lives, we’re all about us. Okay? I just want to get really clear on that right now. We are all about us and that is not a bad thing because for once in our lives, we are going to fill ourselves up with so much love and pleasure that we have a lot to give back. I’d like you to get a pen and some paper and we’re going to do a little work.

Let’s do a little work on ourselves. So what I’d like you to do now is think about what those things are. We’re going to do two exercises. The first exercise I want you to do is to write down on your paper, “What is not serving you right now?,” because it’s time to get open and honest with yourself and get rid of things in your life that are sucking you dry. Okay? We kind of called them those cords that are sucking the life force out of you. If that’s the case, you will definitely not be able to get your sexy back. So let’s just make a list. What are some of the things that are not serving you right now that you know of? If you are really honest with yourself, you need to make a change.  List at least three. What are three things that are not serving you right now? It could be a relationship, it could be a job, or it could be a circumstance in your life. It could be a toxic friend. What is not serving you right now? Maybe your life is too busy. Maybe you need to get help. What is not serving you right now? I want you to write that down.

One other question. What are you tolerating? What are you tolerating that needs to be changed? Breathe into that for a minute. We’re going to let go of some of this stuff that’s not serving us because it’s cluttering our mind, body, and soul, so that we can be sexy. We’re going to let go of some of these things. Let’s just take that paper right now and we’re going to tear it up into a whole bunch of pieces and we’re going to just let it go and let all those things go and we’re going to send them off into the universe and we’re going to now bring in some new, amazing, beautiful things. I want to make sure that I really serve you in a powerful way so that your vaginal health comes back.

That is so, so important. If the walls of our vagina are thin and dry, sex is going to be painful and you’re not going to want to be touched. Right? That makes a lot of sense. If sex is painful, it’s no fun. Never mind if we have a libido or not. Right? If sex is painful, we’re just not gonna do it. Painful sex, urinary incontinence and libido, that is all about today. It kind of all goes together and I’m going to share with you why that is. For this second part of our exercise, I want you to write down three to five words that describe how you would like to show up in this world. Maybe you’re not really feeling those words right now, but that’s how you like to show up. Maybe, you know, the words are beautiful, energetic, loving, motivated, sensual, right, sexy, and a turned-on women is a sexy woman.

What are those descriptive words that you can use right now that will help you more embody the way that you would like to show up in this world. I would say, “I, Robin, am beautiful, sexy, vibrant, and healthy.” That’s how you want to do it because every day you can read that to yourself and over time, a very short period of time, you are going to start aligning your life with those very words.

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