Meet Our Team of Advisors, Authors, and Contributors

Robin Nielsen, Chief Wellness Officer for Insulite Health

Robin is an Integrative Clinical Nutritionist, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition with a focus on nutrition endocrinology.

Robin comes to Insulite Health with a passion for helping women live vibrant, fulfilling lives.

Robin had her own struggles with health. As a teenager she suffered from digestive disorders, weight, acne and hypoglycemia. As an adult she continued to struggle with balancing blood sugar, adult acne, mood swings, weight gain, arthritic conditions in her hands, debilitating fatigue, brain fog and chronic inflammation, and had a late term miscarriage with her third child. Robin understands first hand how symptoms of poor health can keep us from living the life we dream.

Robin has a diverse background in business and the healthcare field. In a former life she was President and CFO of a $5 million printing company in the Silicon Valley, President of the National Association of Women Business Owners, and more recently over the past 11 years, President of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, Founder and CEO of Juvenescence and Co-Founder of the successful Sexy Younger You! series and high end health programs with Dr. Anna Cabeca.

She worked in a clinical medical setting for five years and has created many successful programs of her own and for other physicians. Robin has two grown sons, a handsome husband and two pups, Sunshine and Floyd. She loves to surf, play tennis, hike, go on walks with the dogs, read, sing, ride her beach cruiser on a beautiful sunny day, practice yoga and cook delicious food.

Dr. Tami Meraglia, MD – Medical Director for Insulite Health

Tami Meraglia, M.D. is a physician with a passion: to help women take charge of their own hormone health and happiness. Her unique voice is sorely needed today as women face hormone imbalances and deficiencies before, during, and after menopause. These conditions, which can assault quality of life, are nothing new. What is new is that they are appearing earlier than ever before, and at a time when women are already stretched to the limit. And women are often misdiagnosed by the medical establishment.

Using her unique blend of traditional and natural medicine, she approaches wellness from a holistic perspective; deeply understanding that mind and body should be working in harmony with each other.

As a busy mom of 2 daughters, a doctor with a thriving practice, Founder of the Vitality MediSpa and Wellness Center in Seattle Washington, and a best-selling author and speaker; Dr. Tami knows that you often have to make choices over things like cleaning the juicer or getting your kids out the door in the morning (she also knows which one you’ll choose!). Life is hectic and busy, but that doesn’t mean that you have to come last in the equation.

As a double board certified MD in Cosmetic and Integrative Medicine, she focuses on hormones and ways to boost and balance them. If you seek natural remedies such as nutrition, targeted supplements and real life stress tools that are both physically and mentally effective, you’re in the right place!

Dr. Audra FosterND – Medical Director for Insulite Health

Medicine is her passion, but teaching people how to be healthy is what prompted her to become a Naturopathic doctor. Since 1997 she has helped hundreds of patients develop a lifestyle of healthy living to heal from symptoms of poor health and feel their best.

Dr. Audra is a graduate of Bastyr University and is a licensed board-certified naturopathic doctor specializing in women’s health.  She is a leader in the field of helping women balance their hormones at any age. She is well-versed in addressing adrenal, thyroid, blood sugar, and brain chemistry (such as anxiety and depression) concerns, as well as having an intimate knowledge of PCOS and the causative factors. Dr. Audra also serves as a primary care physician.

She combines the latest in medical science with time-tested Naturopathic principles and practices, using nutraceuticals, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, and best lifestyle practices to help women recover from the symptoms of PCOS to reach their health and life goals.

Angie Rohal, Co-Director of Customer Care for Insulite Health

Angie is the Co-Director of Customer Care at Insulite Health. She studied Communication with a minor in Spanish at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. In 2013, she wanted to start living a healthier life and decided to stop taking birth control. Within a few months, she gained 70lbs, stopped getting her period, and experienced terrible acne, depression, fatigue, and hair loss. After going frantically from doctor to doctor, she found a naturopath who told her she had PCOS. This led her to Insulite Health, and the rest is history. She has been on the system since 2015 and her symptoms greatly improved. She feels like herself again! Her year and a half long journey to regain her health taught her the importance of love, compassion, and never giving up!

As the Co-Director of Customer Care, she offers knowledge, commitment, and kindness. She loves to create fun and inspirational social media posts for her fellow cysters. When she is not working, she enjoys yoga, hiking, cooking healthy meals and spending time outside in the sunshine. She currently lives in Jeannette, Pennsylvania with her family. Also, she loves animals and has been volunteering at a local animal adoption center for cats and dogs. Angie loves to travel, and the beach is one her favorite vacation spots. It is one of her dreams to move to a house there one day.

Jessica Granish, Community Outreach Director for Insulite Health

Jessica has a deep passion for helping others and it is the base of what drives her. Jessica, too, suffers from PCOS, so she understands the struggles associated with the condition both from a physical and emotional level. She truly is a nurturer by nature and brings to the Insulite Health team not only her extensive professional background that defines her work ethic, but also her personal touch, dedication, enthusiasm and heartfelt spirit to helping and supporting women who suffer from PCOS.

Jessica is equipped with a business degree, countless professional certifications and 18+ years of years of experience working alongside small businesses and entrepreneurs in a magnitude of different capacities. She has built and managed a multitude of six-figure and seven-figure online businesses with a primary focus in the health and wellness industries.

Aside from her professional life, Jessica is the mother of two wonderful daughters, and a sweet and handsome dog with whom she enjoys goofing off and exploring. When Jessica is not behind her computer you will find her jamming on her mandolin or guitar, playing in the mountains, soaking in the sunshine and enjoying the scenery and adventure on foot, bike, snowboard or river raft. She also is an enthusiastic hula hooper and enjoys hooping at concerts, social events and/or just for fun at the park with her daughters and friends.

Rebekah Raines, Co-Director of Customer Care for Insulite Health

Rebekah has a dual Bachelors degree in Psychology and Human and Community Services and a Masters degree in Special Education.
She has always felt drawn to helping people feel supported in making the necessary changes in their lives to better themselves, both mentally and physically.   She considers herself an “avid listener” and thoroughly enjoys helping people work through their problems.  Raised in Pennsylvania and residing in South Carolina, she is a wife and mother of two young, lovely daughters.   With her family, she enjoys spending time outdoors and going on adventures to the local parks or in her own backyard.  When she does get some alone time, she enjoys reading, home improvement projects and exercising. Her favorite go-to workouts are mixed-martial arts/kickboxing and weight training.

Rebekah was first diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 26, but struggled with the symptoms since teenage years.  She began using the Insulite program in April 2015 and within a month began to see positive changes in the way she felt and looked.  She began to lose stubborn weight, have more energy, and feel overall better.  She became active in the Private PCOS community and loved the support of the other women using the system and really felt a bond develop. That element of the system has shown her how important having a community of support can be and that is what she strives to do as Co-Director of Customer Care.  Along with Angie, she will be assisting you with anything you may need, even if it is to talk about your frustrations and/or concerns.


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