Mandy Bush’s Bath and Much More

Hi. This is Robin Nielsen and I’m the Chief Wellness Officer here at Insulite Health, and this interview is in celebration of infertility awareness week and I’m so excited today to be with Mandy Bush. I first met Mandy through our Freedom from PCOS program and she was one of our rock stars. She had posted, she kind of came, say, “came out of the closet” because we take a bath during this program to help to actually calm our nervous systems down and to get more magnesium into our bodies and just really help us to feel better.

During one of these baths, you know, we have a lot of great insights and our intuition starts to float up. She really put herself out there and she said, “You know, I’ve been married over twenty-eight years,” and she said, “I realize I’ve been hungrier, hornier and harrier than my husband all these years.” We all just could so relate and we laughed with her and we cried and she’s kind of become famous over her posts. Welcome, Mandy. It’s so lovely to have you here today.

Thank you, Robin. I’m happy to be here.

We want to hear your story, your infertility story. You have a quite a powerful story, so tell us a little bit about your journey. It was pre Insulite Health so you didn’t have the benefit of Insulite nutrients or the system at all and so you’ve kind of had to find your way, so give us some background.

I started experiencing problems with my menstrual period in high school and in college. They were very irregular and in college due to the stress, I’m sure it was due to the stress, they went as long as ninety to a hundred and twenty days apart. That’s a whole other roller coaster when that’s happening and a young girl thinks she’s pregnant and not. I was sexually active. I was very involved with my husband by that time. We weren’t married yet. I went to the clinic and was prescribed birth control pills just to regulate my periods and I didn’t like being on the birth control pills. I experienced more symptoms above and beyond that and I just didn’t feel right on it but I stayed on it because I liked the fact that I was having regular periods.

Before I graduated I got married so I was off the birth control pill right away and we wanted to start having a family. My symptoms of my PCOS, besides the horrible regular periods, was the heavy facial hair and hairy legs and migraine headaches. I started getting the migraine headaches about nine or ten years old and all that is due to hormone imbalance, chemical imbalance in the body. Very early on I started, of our marriage, I started Clomid, but also during that whole time I studied science. I was very into the environment and ecology and biology so I knew, I was trained to look at the environment around me and I also knew how I was responding to things when I got migraines or what I had been doing before I got a migraine.

Those two factors were very useful for me and so taking a look at how I could take responsibility for my body and how it reacted to certain things in the environment like the frankenfoods that you speak of. I eliminated right away the things that I noticed were affecting me in the negative manners and then we, five years later, after being on Clomid for five years, we got pregnant and that same month we switched insurance companies and had to  start all over. I had been on Clomid, and then we had a postcoital test and the doctor said, “It’s not going to happen. All the sperm are dead.” Three days later I found out I was pregnant.

Our roller coaster ride everybody is on was horrible and I think it was dipping into the valleys more than it was going into the highs, but that definitely was a high. It was the deepest valley at that point and then the highest high three days later. We were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Her name’s Madison. She’s twenty years old now and a junior in college. We wanted to have another because having Madison was so much fun and I neglected my health though at that time. During my pregnancy and while I was breastfeeding I stayed very healthy, and then after weening her I started eating her leftover grilled cheese sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, all that crap that we don’t need and forgot about myself, forgot about what I needed and got back on the Clomid cycle for child number two.

We had to go through in vitro fertilization for Kaitlyn. She’s the second baby and ICSI, which was a tough decision but I’m glad we made it because now we have this beautiful miracle baby. I do believe both our babies were miracles, but I also believe it’s because I had the … I kept myself healthy as possible during those times and I still believe that I was very careful about the vitamins I took and eliminating certain foods, exercising, movement. I’ve always been big on that and these are very important pillars and I’m so glad that I did that.

I wish Insulite had been around. I would have found it if they had been around then, but I’m so happy I found it now because I was insulin resistant. I knew that and I had found books and articles to help me with a portion of my life, but it wasn’t the whole complete picture. It definitely was helpful, but it wasn’t the nutraceutical and it wasn’t the support, which I am so thankful for, is the support. That’s my fertility in a nutshell.

What a great story, and like you say, you were blessed. You did your research, you got your body in great shape, or as good a shape as you could because I know that four or five years trying Clomid is, oh my gosh, like you say, you think you’re pregnant and then you’re not and just the journey is a crazy one and same with IVF. Thank you so much for sharing that. What is it, so once you found Insulite, why were you still looking for a solution? What was going on for you?

I’m still looking for a solution. I still do get my periods. I probably am perimenopause. I don’t have any symptoms of hot flashes or anything like that, but I did fry my adrenals, so I know I fried my adrenals because of blood testing and different doctors’ appointments. I became desperate again. I was on another roller coaster ride and this time it wasn’t to try to achieve pregnancy. It was try to come back to me, come back to a energetic lifestyle that I had been missing. I was searching for that and I found it and got on the nutraceutical. I’m still within the first six-month phase. I think I’m only three and a half months in and I’m very excited for the second go around to delve deeper and be more committed.

The first go around with the program I take all the supplements. I’m very good about that and I’m online and taking advantage of the support system and love that. Like I said, I think that’s key. We need each other and it’s a very lonely journey. It’s very isolating when you don’t have somebody to go with it, even your husband. My husband had no idea what I was going through. I had no idea what he was going through and it’s hard to express that when you’re just doing what you think to do.

Anyway, that’s why I search for my adrenals and just for overall health. I know it’s all related. It’s all chemicals. Chemicals are the hormones in our body and we women tend to be more sensitive and everyone’s different. I know I am a more sensitive person and I need the maximum, optimal support of all the pillars there are. I know that and why not take advantage of it since it’s out there now, and it’s working. It’s working for sure.

Thank you so much. All right, Mandy. Take care, and we’ll see you soon …


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