How Do You Manage PCOS During Menopause?

How Do You Manage PCOS During Menopause?

Dear Robin: “How do you manage PCOS during menopause?” ~ AnnMarie

Dear AnnMarie: The way to manage PCOS during menopause is exactly the way you would address it no matter what your age.

You stated that weight gain and lack of libido are the main symptoms that you’re experiencing right now. And you’re taking Kilovance and Metformin to help with your symptoms, and also using acupuncture.

Kilovance contains progestin which is NOT progesterone and not healthy on any level. How has Metformin been supporting you? Have you tested your fasting insulin level? If so, where is it? You’ll want to keep track of fasting insulin, fasting glucose and Hemoglobin A1c while on Metformin so you’ll know your numbers and when you might be able to wean off with the support of your doctor.

Supplements like magnesium and zinc are fantastic for helping with insulin sensitivity so it wouldn’t be too hard to make some real headway with your insulin levels.

Weight loss is a side benefit of getting healthy so it will happen as you begin to support your body better.

Here are some steps to take control:

Find a support group to help you navigate like with the PCOS 5-Element System.

  1. Find a support group to help you navigate like with the PCOS 5-Element System.
  2. Do some research on our website. There are a ton of articles.
  3. Watch this video about what to eat, and grab the Jumpstart Guide if you’d like some additional direction.
  4. Take inventory of what’s going on for you in your life right now and see if you can’t cut some things out that might not be serving you, and add some things in that make you feel really good.
  5. Sign up for our newsletter (even though I think you’re already on our list), and grab the Hormone Deal-Breaker Checklist so you can start working through the Top 10.

I would just start here. That’s enough for right now. The biggest thing you can do is craft your life so that it supports you better Annmarie. Keep me posted, OK? ~ Robin


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