How to Lower Estrogen and Androgen Levels with Food

estrogenWe often hear about high testosterone (androgens) levels with PCOS but high estrogen is just as detrimental when dealing with the devastating symptoms of PCOS.

Do you suffer from DUB: dysfunctional uterine bleeding?

DUB symptoms include skipping periods, frequent bleeding between periods, or spotting between periods. These are common symptoms of higher estrogen levels, along with mood swings, weight gain and breast tenderness. This is due to higher than normal estrogen levels.

50% of women with PCOS have excess body fat. Women with a high waist-to-hip ratio(apple-shaped figures) are more likely to experience ovarian dysfuntion. Take a tape measure to figure out your waist-to-hip ratio. Measure your waist (just above your belly button) and then measure your hips (right across your buttocks). Divide your hip measurement by your waist measurement (i.e. waist/hip). You want yours to be .8 or below to avoid disease.

High insulin = high estrogen and high androgens (testosterone)

Conversely lower insulin = more balanced estrogen and androgens

High circulating insulin is a direct result of a refined-food diet high in sugar and carbohydrates, that raise blood sugar too quickly. And women with PCOS are so sensitive to sugar. This is a crucial link to understand because high levels of insulin are associated with so many other diseases.

Lowering insulin and hence, blood sugar levels, can be acheived through food. Both through the timing of when you eat and the composition of your meal. Keeping insulin low is critical, but it’s so easy to do and is so in your control.

Food is powerful medicine and is more effective than any drug.

salmon dinner

Crazy important foods, and some rules to help you right now…

  • Eat within an hour of waking
  • Make breakfast a high protein meal
  • Never go more than 5 hours between meals (except at night – then go 12 hours between dinner and breakfast)
  • Limit fruit intake to 1 cup of berries daily
  • Avoid or completely eliminate grains (save them for 1 day per week)
  • Eat 2+ cups of vegetables at each meal
  • Consume 2 tlbs of coconut oil daily – use to sauté vegetables, put in your morning shake, or add to your hot cup of licorice root tea

And you’re well on your way to feeling so much better.

Next Steps

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