Losing PCOS Weight at Work

If work sometimes feels like a treadmill, would you ever consider using the feeling to get some healthy exercise for better Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Health?
Instead of encouraging people to walk to work, a pair of American scientists have designed a desk that enables the overweight … to walk at work.
The walking desk – or “vertical workstation”- is fixed to a treadmill enabling office workers to work while burning calories.
Professor James Levine and Dr. Jennifer Miller, of Minnesota’s Mayo Clinic, say using their invention for a couple of hours a day could help obese staff shed up to 60 pounds a year.
They tested the contraption on 15 people with sedentary jobs who never exercised. The participants set the speed of the treadmill themselves at a rate which was comfortable for them as individuals and carried on working at a computer fixed above on a frame with adjustable arms. One frame arm carried the screen and the other the keyboard and mouse.
On average, the participants burned more than twice as much energy per hour at the “walking” desk compared with the normal stationary one. Their energy expenditure was measured while they walked and worked for 35 minutes out of an hour and compared with the amount of energy used while working seated at an ordinary desk. There were no falls or injuries and no unsteadiness. The participants enjoyed using the device.
A key reason why waistlines have expanded over the past 30 years is the increase in sedentary work. For millions, physical labor has been replaced by the keyboard and mouse as they spend their days at computer screens.
The desks slides over a standard treadmill. In 2010, it was estimated that more than half the workforce of developed countries work at computers. The inventors of this device suggest they could be walking at them too.

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