My Period Is Way Too Long – How Do I Fix It?

My Period Is Way Too Long - How Do I Fix It?

Dear Robin: I get my periods every month but the duration is way too long. It takes almost 16-18 days as I keep on bleeding or spotting.” ~ Sobia

Dear Sobia: Yes, you are just right – your periods are way too long.

Long bleeding cycles are very depleting of many nutrients, which can make you feel very tired because you’re using all of your vital life energy for this lengthy process.

But it’s a very good sign that something is wrong and I applaud you for reaching out to try to fix it!

You are also suffering from weight gain, infertility and severe body aches. I am not sure where the body aches are specifically, but have you checked with your doctor to see if it’s from endometriosis?

If so, I can tell you how to heal that as well. Just keep me posted.

Long bleeding cycles can be due to iron deficiency, and certainly bleeding that much will also cause iron deficiency. It’s safe to say that you need iron, but the smart thing to do is to always test. The blood test to run is ferritin. You want your levels to be anywhere from 50-100 to feel your best – women say they feel their best closer to 100. More is not better so don’t go over 100.

Get started on iron supplementation right away.

Iron is a mineral (think “rock”) so it is hard to absorb and can cause constipation, so the right form is really critical. Ferrochel is my favorite. Take 1 capsule with breakfast and 1 with dinner.

Next, focus on an anti-inflammatory diet to help in reducing your body aches and stop any weight gain. You can start slowly by just adding in more vegetables every day for the vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Aim for 2 cups of veggies at each meal. Focus on scrambles, sautés, shakes, stews (crockpot dishes), soups and stir fry. These make it really easy to sneak veggies into your meals and they’re delicious!

Additionally, using herbs and spices are not only medicinal but they make food taste SO good. Smoked paprika and chipotle are my faves.

Keep me posted on your progress Sobia. You deserve to feel well. ~ Robin


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