Why Leafy Greens Are So Important for Your PCOS Health

Did you know it’s almost impossible to meet your nutritional needs if you have PCOS without eating dark leafy greens? Some examples of these tiny powerhouses includes spinach, kale, collard greens, arugula, mustard greens, microgreens and chard.

Enjoying two servings of veggies at each meal is essential for women overcoming PCOS. Make at least one of these servings dark leafy green veggies. It is important to add these key nutrients to your diet because of the amazing effects they have on reducing PCOS symptoms.

Some of the benefits of dark leafy greens include:

  • tons of fiber to help regulate blood sugar
  • satiety -keep you feeling fuller longer
  • aids healthy digestion
  • packed with essential vitamins and minerals (like C and K as well as folate, which is an important B vitamin for reproductive health)
  • amazing source of calcium which is absorbed much more efficiently compared to calcium found in dairy

Here are a few simple ways to add greens to your diet:

  • Add a handful into your morning smoothie.
  • Add chopped chard to your morning scramble.
  • Add a variety of mixed greens to your salad for taste and texture.
  • Include kale into a simple stir fry along with protein and seasonings.
  • Pour your soup over a handful of greens.

How will you include these amazing greens into your diet this week?

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