It’s Never Too Late to Declare Independence from PCOS

Did you know that nature is often on your side when it comes to losing weight and fighting back against PCOS?
Fruit and vegetables, for example, are high satiety (or filling) foods that contain a lot of water and fiber to produce ‘full-up’ signals in the small intestine.
Research has shown that apples are particularly effective at producing this effect. Once digested, they produce the hormone GLP-1,which sends signals to the brain to persuade you into thinking you are full up.
One U.S. study showed people ate 15% fewer calories after having an apple before a main meal. Apparently, the trick is to eat high-satiety foods beforehand so you feel fuller early on and don’t compensate later by eating to excess during meal time.

TIP: Eat one medium-sized apple 15 minutes before a meal to help regulate your appetite.
Happy Independence Day from everyone at Insulite Laboratories!

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