Is Your Computer Wrecking Your PCOS Weight Loss Regime?

woman balancing lifeLosing or controlling weight to better manage your symptoms of PCOS is all about striking a balance, both on your plate … and during your free time.

Even people who eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly can undo all the good work by spending too much time in front of their computer.

Say, for instance, you go running three days a week or take brisk walks of at least 30 minutes’ duration five days a week. Good for you. But are you also hooked on the Internet for much longer periods than you are physically active?

If so, you need to work out a new regime because you may be fooling yourself by thinking you’re getting enough exercise. Guard against being sedentary without realizing it.

Next we’ll suggest ways of striking a better balance between sitting down and moving about to improve the management of your PCOS symptoms.

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