Is It Your Thyroid or PCOS, or Both?

Recently I held a webinar on thyroid health. We learned that many symptoms of low thyroid function are also symptoms of PCOS and hormone imbalance. Things like weight gain, trouble losing weight, depression and anxiety, no ovulation, heavy periods or irregular cycles, digestive problems, hair loss, fatigue, miscarriage, acne and more. So it’s confusing! What is really going on? Do you have a thyroid condition or do you have PCOS?  Well the answer is 

…you probably have both. Because when you have blood sugar imbalance issues this can cause insulin resistance, and insulin resistance can cause a thyroid gland problem. But it can be a little more serious than this. Because when you have a sluggish thyroid due to insulin resistance, it causes a condition called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. This is an autoimmune thyroid condition caused by inflammation. Your very own body is attacking your very own thyroid gland. And if not discovered or left unmanaged, this can cause a sluggish thyroid gland and slow death of your thyroid all together.

The thyroid is responsible for your metabolism – many many functions in our bodies. You want it to be happy and working well. So what do you do? Where do you start? My upcoming program Freedom from PCOS walks you through my 8 steps to Rev Up Your Thyroid and heal from the symptoms of PCOS.

You’ll take a comprehensive assessment to discover where you need support. Then we’ll begin to restore your digestion and gut function through learning what to eat, gently detoxing and reducing inflammation. Because most all disease begins in the gut. Then we learn what nutrients you need to support hormone balance and a happy thyroid. It’s not about will power. Cravings can sabotage even the best-laid plans so you’ll discover what you might need for happy brain chemistry to stay on track and out of “cravings hell”. We talk about what life looks like with the right movement food and nutrients to get and stay hormonally balanced, and by the end of the program you have the tools you need to take charge of your health.

Plus we have lots of sisters in the program who understand exactly where you are and who may be able to share how she got unstuck with what you’re experiencing. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to feel better right now. Here is some feedback from two beautiful ladies who just finished our program:

Rebekah shared
I am grateful for progress. Like many of you I have gone through months of “no progress” but now I realize my body was making internal changes and hormonal balance. Now I am grateful to say, I see outward progress too! The acne that I had has cleared up completely (yeah I am serious). My heart feels so grateful to be right where I am. Yoga/Pilates are rejuvenating my body, I can even see muscles. 😉 The 2 weeks of cleanse eating has cleared out my intestines and left me wondering if I will ever add any other foods back. I feel fantastic. I am still working on balancing sleep (but hey, no ones perfect right?) I wish you Ladies enough! Enough grace for yourself to keep going. Enough courage to do it! Enough determination even in the pain of illness!”

Julia wrote in:
“Ok this is so surreal. I went back to the initial questionnaire where I first scored an 81 (funky!) I redid it and I scored 29! With joints and muscles being the highest section. This gives me even more confidence to never go back to my bad eating again. It’s been a week without sugar, caffeine, and bad carbs………and for the first time in a very, very, very long time when I saw chocolate or any other sweets (Thanks Valentine’s!!) I actually shrugged it off. I really didn’t care for it. That’s a complete shocker for me! LOL Also, I’ve been sleeping great, and I don’t feel sluggish mid afternoon. Thanks everyone for your support, it really does work to have people around that are going through the same ordeal as me and it’s keeping me on track. 30+ years this is the only thing working for me! Thanks again everyone!!”

The Freedom from PCOS program begins soon. If you’re a current customer it’s FREE. We want you to have all the support you need to be successful in your health and life journey. If you have not yet joined our beautiful community, you can join the program right now for only $47 – click here to learn more. And if you want the nutrients too, it’s only $97. But after April 4th the price goes up – a lot. So jump in now with both feet. Say yes to yourself right now. Why wait? I’ll meet you on the inside for an adventure that may just change your life forever…We’re here to support you every step of the way.

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