Is Fruit OK if You Have PCOS-Linked Diabetes? Part 1

Keeping your blood sugar levels steady should be to a major consideration if you want to enjoy good health while suffering from both PCOS and its closely-linked disorder diabetes.

It’s best to only eat fruits with large sugar contents in small amounts as they can spike blood glucose levels. High sugar fruits include bananas, dates, grapes, watermelon and oranges.

Fruit juices tend to be stripped of the pulpy, fibrous parts of the fruit and are therefore often very low in fiber and very high in sugar. Many fruit juice manufacturers also add so much sugar that some juices have higher sugar levels than carbonated sodas.

Dried fruits can have a significant effect on blood glucose levels due to their high sugar content. Canned fruits in syrup also tend to be high in sugar and therefore should be eaten in moderation or drained of the syrup before consuming.

Many fruits are also available canned in their own juices rather than in syrup. These should be consumed in preference to fruits canned in syrup.

Tomorrow: fruits you can eat without problems.

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