Insulite Labs Sponsors “Sexy, Younger You”

Insulite Labs Sponsors “Sexy, Younger You” Event Providing Free Access to Women

Announcing a telesummit, titled “Sexy, Younger You,” focuses on how beauty comes from within. The event will bring together 25 speakers over 25 days, each providing insightful, outstanding information set to change the lives of women.

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BOULDER, CO, September 12, 2012

Insulite Laboratories, leaders in natural treatments for polycystic ovarian syndrome is excited to announce its sponsorship of the Sexy, Younger You event. The event, which begins Monday, September 17th and runs through Friday, October 19th, 2012 brings together well-known sexual health experts to present amazing information to change the lives of women around the world.

“Insulite Labs is proud to be a sponsor of this ‘free’ event. The health tips alone will add years to your life and overall health and well being. We are excited to be supporting our website visitors with this wonderful opportunity,” says JW Wilson of Insulite Labs.

This phenomenal panel of professionals includes Jennifer Landa, author of Sex Drive Solution, JJ Virgin, co-star of Freaky Eaters and nutrition and fitness expert, and Sara Gottfried, author of The Hormone Cure, among many other talented professionals. Notable OB/GYN and age management specialist Dr. Anna Cabecca, who is also creator of Sexual CPR, will co-host the event. She states, “Through my experiences, I learned that health does not come on a prescription pad, or come under a knife, but it comes through these therapeutic lifestyle changes.”

Insulite Health is the perfect sponsor for this event as leaders in explaining the truth of PCOS and other hormone-related conditions affecting women of all ages. According to the organization, 30 percent of women experience PCOS symptoms that interfere with their sexuality, including fatigue, hormone imbalances, weight gain, and depression. Their desire to educate the public on PCOS focuses on encouraging women to create a sexier version of themselves.

Topics included in the event include using grocery-store products to boost health and wellness and improving digestion, bones, and skin through understanding hormones. Dr. Steven Masley, author of 10 Years Younger, will unravel the mystery of nutrients necessary to bring sexy back into a woman’s life. Author of The Baby Boomer Diet, Donna Gates, will share tips on skin, weight loss, and anti-aging methods.

Robin Nielsen, Nutritionist and Growing Younger Expert is the co-creator of Fabulous in a Box and will co-host the event. She states, “”I turned 50 this year and this program that Anna and I have put together is a long term vision of ours, because we suffered and you don’t have to. We want you to know that with these tools, tips and secrets these amazing experts are going to share with us, you can age in a very vibrant way and wear your age like I do, as a badge of honor.”

This powerful, life-changing telesummit encourages women of all ages to become the true version of themselves they want to be, putting PCOS, and other hormone-related conditions aside. Individuals can learn more about the telesummit, and sign up at or visit the Sexy, Younger You site at

To learn more about the subject of what causes Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and how to get involved with Sexy, Younger You, visit us on the web at

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Insulite Laboratories was established in 2001 in Boulder, Colorado, to research, develop, and test a scientifically-based, multi-element approach to addressing the problems associated with Insulin Resistance (IR), a potentially serious imbalance of blood glucose and insulin. Reversing the condition requires a complete, specialized system that incorporates Nutritional Supplements (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and botanicals formulated to address specific conditions), a tailored nutrition plan, an exercise plan designed to increase insulin sensitivity, a component that addresses carbohydrate addiction, and an extensive support network.

Recognizing there are millions of individuals who need this kind of multi-element approach to managing Insulin Resistance (IR), Insulite Laboratories has, over the past ten years, developed individual systems for PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), Excess Weight Gain/Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome (Syndrome X), Pre-Diabetes, and Type 2 Diabetes.

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