It’s Serious and I’m Serious

It's Serious and I'm Serious

I’m on a rant today…sometimes I don’t think we take our symptoms of PCOS serious enough.

For me it started slowly.

First I was a very finicky eater as a kid. I drove my parents crazy.

Then I had a constant craving for sugar.

I wanted cookies, baked goods, and only the sweet part of my lunches that were mostly healthy that my mother made. Which I hated because they were healthy.

Then I began suffering from constipation and severe stomach cramps. I hadn’t even started my period yet so it was a digestive problem, not PMS.

Then acne. All over my face, chest and back.

Then terrible mood swings. I was really irritable most of the time. My mother told my boyfriend, “Good luck with her!”

I had the worst brain fog ever and it severely impacted my ability to study in college and really sabotaged my career path. Plus weight gain and bloating that was a never-ending saga.

Fast forward to my mid 20s, and I had arthritic symptoms in my hands and continued to have horrible mood swings + acne + constipation + weight problems + receding gums…so bad that I had to use Sensodyne toothpaste to numb the sensitive nerves on my teeth.

Then I crashed in my mid 30s. I was absolutely exhausted.

My blood pressure dropped so low the doctor asked if I was an athlete. Ha, what a joke. I got too thin, my acne continued, but now it was hard to get off the couch. If I exercised at all I would have to sleep the rest of the day.

I pretty much had a nervous breakdown.

That’s when my mentor showed up. A functional endocrinologist (MD specializing in hormones) who showed me how to begin to heal myself, or die.

That’s right – or die.

Symptoms of PCOS are warning signs of impending doom.

It’s a “condition” or “syndrome”, it’s not yet considered “disease”. But when it does get to disease like diabetes, heart attack, stroke or cancer then death becomes more real.

And quality of life absolutely sucks.

So yes, these warning signs are serious.

Like irregular menstrual cycles. This is such a big deal that the regularity of the menstrual cycle is now being considered the 5th vital sign right along with body temperature, pulse rate, blood pressure and respiration rate.

If your menstrual cycle is not regular it’s serious.

And miscarriages. They are devastating mentally and physically. I know because I had one. And they may be common but they are NOT normal.

If you’re having miscarriages, it’s serious.

Hair loss, vaginal dryness and hot flashes. No matter what your age – whether you’re in your 20s or 50s, these symptoms are telling you that something is not right.

These symptoms are serious.

Weight gain. One of our good family friends in her 30s had a beautiful figure five years ago and now I hardly recognize her because she’s gained so much weight. She has PCOS.

This is serious.

What I’m getting at here is that your body is trying to tell you that it needs help.

Are you listening?

But even more importantly, are you doing something about it?

It’s not your fault that these terrible things are happening to you. I certainly didn’t know any better. I didn’t talk about any of it nor did I know that it wasn’t normal or that I could fix my problems.

But they are your responsibility. Only you can fix your health problems.

And, yes, they are serious.

What action will you take today to begin to support your beautiful body?

It’s asking for your help.

Wondering if the symptoms you are suffering with could be PCOS?
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