How to Improve Laser Therapy for Excess Hair

PCOS Health Review
By Dr. Nancy Dunne and Bill Slater

Laser therapy is commonly used to control unwanted hair growth. The laser energy damages  the hair follicle and thus reduces hair growth.

One problem with laser treatment is that it does not always work. However, new research suggests that taking metformin (Glucophage) may improve laser treatment results.

It appears that the metformin reduced insulin resistance, which in turn reduced the rate of hair growth.

If you don’t want to take metformin because of its side effects, there are other healthy ways to
reduce insulin resistance and thus get better results if you intend to do laser therapy for facial or body

Here are three ways to reduce insulin resistance (and hirsutism) in a healthy fashion:
* Consume a diet that reduces insulin resistance, as described in our book.
* Get a lot more exercise.
* Take selected supplements that reduce insulin resistance such as d-pinitol.

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