How Could I Have PCOS?

How Could I Have PCOS?

Dear Robin: “I was diagnosed with PCOS because of having polycystic ovaries and a slight rise of androstenedione hormone, however I have no symptoms of this syndrome. My period is regular and everything is fine. Insulin, glucose, and cholesterol were within the normal range. How it could be? Is it possible that I do not have PCOS?” ~ Israa

Dear Israa: It is possible that you do not have PCOS, but you may want to do a little more investigation. Why did you go to the doctor in the first place and how did you discover you have polycystic ovaries? You have shared that you have no symptoms of PCOS so I am curious: why all the testing? Really the most important blood test to run is fasting insulin and that is rarely done. Did your doctor run that test for you and if so what was the number? It needs to be below 5.4 to be in the healthier range.

If you are feeling well, and happy, there is nothing more you need to do but keep taking really good care of yourself. There is no medical solution for this condition, so it’s all up to you Israa and it sounds like you’ve got this!  ~ Robin


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