How Andrea Overcame PCOS & Infertility Naturally

Hi. My name is Andrea Osbourne and I live in Pennsylvania. I currently work with young toddlers at the daycare. I received my bachelors in elementary education to continue my growth with the children.

My PCOS story started when I was fourteen. I was getting little or no periods so I started seeing a gynecologist from my yearly visits. When I was sixteen and I decided that maybe birth control might be a good option for me. I had moodiness. I just didn’t feel like myself. Once I got on birth control, I was having regular periods. I felt happier. I wasn’t as moody.

When I was twenty one, I got married and five years after we were married, we decided we wanted to start trying for a child. We went to the doctors and the doctor said, “Okay. Well, you need to stop taking the birth control.

The lack of periods made it difficult for me to know when I was ovulating, so we didn’t really know when to conceive. I bought a couple over the counter ovulation test and again, when you don’t have everything there because of the PCOS, they don’t necessarily work.

Because we had not conceived, I had contacted the doctor again and I said, “What are our other options?” They said, “Okay. Well, we can offer you Clomid.”

I took two months of the Clomid and we had not conceived and I had had some side effects like achy hips and legs and just not feeling very well and I knew that this was not our path. We felt defeated.

What we ended going to the internet and I found a website and it had information and testimonials and I felt uplifted and I came to find out it was the Insulite PCOS System website and it was amazing. I watched the testimonial of a young mother with her little child and how she had taken Insulite and gotten herself healthy and she was able to conceive.

I ordered my first month of Insulite and once I got the book, I was often rolling. I changed my entire eating habits, I changed my lifestyle, I no longer was eating the carbs, and the sugars, and the candies, and the junk. I was now on proteins and nuts and healthy fruits and healthy vegetables and I felt amazing.

I started losing weight. I started gaining energy. I started just feeling amazing and I don’t know, the supplement also took away some of the symptoms that I had had before I was put on the birth control, such as moodiness, and just irritation, and not feeling like myself. I now felt like myself. I felt amazing. I felt like I was back in my teen years again.

I took the Insulite for two months and we found out we were pregnant.
We had conceived naturally, and on June 11th I gave birth to a seven pound fourteen ounce, twenty one inch little girl. We were over the moon.

From being told a few years before that we would never conceive, that we would never have children, we had conceived and now we had our bundle of joy. She was all ours and it was an amazing feeling. I continued on the Insulite diet after my pregnancy and following with breast feeding. After about a year, we decided that we may want to try for another child, for a sibling for our daughter.

I got back on to the Insulite supplements in addition to the diet and after two months, once again, we were pregnant again. Conceived naturally and on June 14th of the next years, we are blessed with a seven pound seven ounce little girl, full term. Our family was complete. We knew that we have been lucky to conceive three times and we had been blessed with two wonderful girls that our family was complete.

I thank the PCOS System from Insulite for making me healthy, for making me happy, and for allowing us to conceive our two daughters naturally. If I were to offer any advice for the ladies out there that feel defeated like I did, don’t give up. I mean, the doctors can do what they can do but they don’t know. They don’t know your body and you’re not their only patient.

Don’t let yourself get defeated. Do your research. Look online and I mean, this Insulite PCOS System is amazing. It offers health benefits with nutrients, and it offers diet, options, and ways that you can get yourself where you need to be to create a healthy human being inside. Also, don’t listen to others. I had friends that would say, “Oh, well, I’m so sorry,” or, “Oh, yes. I’m pregnant again.” Don’t let them let you feel defeated as well. Do what you need to do for you. Get yourself healthy and get yourself happy and everything will fall into place.

Thank you for watching this and I hope that in your future, everything is happy and you are also blessed with wonderful bundles of joy. Thanks.

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