Hair We Go Part 2

By Angi Ingalls
PCOS in ConnecTion
Previously, you read about the challenges dealing with excess hair growth and how to manage this tedious symptom. Now let’s discuss just the opposite – losing hair. 
For many women, receding hair lines and balding are big issues. It is more difficult to hide hair loss problems than it is to hide excess hair. The hair-on-our-heads makes up a huge part of our image and if that becomes a problem, not only does the amount of hair plummet but so does the self-esteem.
There are options available to improve the appearance of hair loss and some things you can do to try to reverse hair loss.
First option is wigs. Believe it or not, a lot of women wear wigs, even if they don’t have problems with hair loss. Wigs have come a long way in quality and style. With the right budget, you can get a wig that will be just right for you. They even make human-hair wigs. The upside? Well there are several. Less need to wash, less pull with pony holders and you will protect your head from the sun. The downside? I can only think of one –  if it gets pulled off. For this reason, make sure you find one that will maintain a secure fit. You may decide to opt for another solution to avoid  possible wig-loss which are extensions.
Extensions are a great alternative to ensure a secure fit and to eliminate the putting on and taking  off every day. There are a few ways this can be done. Extensions can be sewn in, glued, weaved or clipped into your natural hair. Each has pros and cons and I suggest doing your homework before investing the money into extensions. Because the majority of this business goes to African Americans and their hair is stronger, make sure your salon has experience working with your type of hair if you are not African American.
Lastly, you have hair pieces. These are clumps of hair that you can clip onto your natural hair to give it more volume. They also come in styles which can be attached to ponytails. Hair pieces are a quick fix but a lovely alternative, especially for those nights out on the town. Turn any style into glamour in two minutes flat.
While these are great temporary solutions for hair loss, there are some things we need to discuss for long term hair health. 
Are you aware that consistently wearing ponytails can actually damage your hair? The constant tension on the scalp without relief can force the hair to pull and break at the root. You can also break the hair and essentially suffocate it at the point of the elastic. My suggestion for an alternative is to use a hair-claw. This will keep your hair pulled back without the tension and pull.
Massaging your scalp daily is a great way to stimulate circulation to the scalp which will also help feed your hair follicles. Recently, a blogger has posted an oil she uses to help with hair loss. The ingredients are lovely and definitely worth a shot. It’s also a great way to encourage you to massage your scalp.
Try to avoid gimmick shampoos and conditioners. First, many of them do not have the right pH balance which can actually damage healthy hair. Next, they are more likely to create build-up giving you the false impression that your hair is healthier. Lastly, they tend to have more unnecessary chemicals which absorb into your body and we all know what chemicals do to our bodies, right? It’s best to stick to Suave, V05, Dove, etc.
Diet, water and exercise! When you maintain a healthy diabetic diet, your body can improve the PCOS which in turn may improve your symptoms. It’s also vital that your body gets the necessary nutrients to be able to function as it should.
I hope you have found something in this article you can use. Don’t be ashamed of your misfortunes, turn them into solutions. You are not alone in this. We are all in this together and we are all here to help each other. 
If you have found something that works, please feel free to share your experiences at our blog thread called “Works for Me”.

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Angi Ingalls; PCOS in ConnecTion
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Educator for over 18 years
Diagnosed in 1985 at 12, living with PCOS since 1981
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