Is There Anything That Can Help With Thinning Hair?

Dear Robin: “Hair thinning on the head is so distressing. I took Minoxidil for several years but now they say it’s BAD for one’s heart! Grrr-Err! Is there ANYTHING out there which is safe and is helping women with this terrible side effect of PCOS? I’ve made it to 63 with some extensions in my hair, but they don’t help the top of my thinning head. I don’t want to wind up with a wig!!! I’m sure many others my age are fighting this, too!” ~ Cindy

Dear Cindy: Hair loss can be so distressing but it is completely possible to stop thinning hair on your scalp, and to begin to regrow new hair. Thinning hair is an energy deficient state so you have to look at those things that are causing your hormones to be out of whack.

Click here to watch my video on hair thinning and what you can do to begin to regrow new hair.

Here are some hair-growing basics:

  • Make sure your metabolism is working optimally, i.e. get your thyroid markers run with a functional health care practitioner – you want optimal ranges for your thyroid. Be sure to ask for the following markers: TSH, Free T3, Free T4, Reverse T3, TPO (thyroid peroxidase) and TAA (antithyroglobulin antibodies)
  • Take my Thyroid Questionnaire to see what low thyroid symptoms you are experiencing. Click here
  • Love your adrenal glands – the little energy powerhouses that sit on top of your kidneys and provide energy for your body. You can do this by eating the right foods at the right times, getting enough rest, exercise that isn’t too strenuous and nutrients that support adrenal function like B vitamins.
  • Check your iron levels – “ferritin” is the marker to run for that – you want your ferritin levels to be between 50-100.
  • Eat for hormone balance. Here is some information to get started. Click here
  • Reduce stress and inflammation through diet, exercise, sleep, supplements, toxins, etc.
  • Avoid alcohol as it shuts down your metabolism, and avoid sugar as it causes inflammation
  • Avoid caffeine because it raises cortisol and cortisol binds to your progesterone receptor sites. You need progesterone for beautiful hair.
  • Some key nutrients for hair growth: zinc (blocks the 5-alpha reductase enzyme pathway that causes hair to fall out, and helps with stress), CoQ10 (essential for cellular energy), vitex (helps to raise progesterone levels), magnesium (reduces stress and helps with insulin sensitivity), selenium (thyroid support), B vitamins (energy and detoxification), and amino acids (thyroid, adrenal and hair growth support) that come from the protein in your diet.

Be sure to watch the video I referenced above as it will give you a lot of insight Cindy.

You can get your hair to grow back. Let me know how it goes for you. You’ve got this!

~ Robin


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