Hair and Hormones Day 2: Hair Loss Part 1

This is day two of our hair and hormones training right here in our beautiful natural solutions for Hormone Balance Group. Last week we learned so much about hirsutism, that dark coarse hair growth that happens on all sorts of different places on our bodies. It’s really different for every woman. I just want to welcome you here, I’m so glad you’re here. Congratulations on showing up for you. It’s amazing.

So this training last week was all about healing hirsutism and today is all about healing your thinning hair, or hair loss. And I’m going to tell you about the different kinds of hair loss and then what’s going on, what is actually underlying that hair falling out. There are three different types of hair loss and I’m going to share what those are and also what the root causes are, and then how we can go about fixing some of those root causes. So, today is all about hair loss, so androgenic alopecia and then, and hair thinning. So there are a number of different reasons for hair loss and this kind of covers all of them. 

I really want to hear how hair loss or hair thinning is affecting your life. It’s really important. I’m actually in the process of writing a book and I’m going to include this data in my book because you know, it’s really common. In fact, over 50% of women suffer from hair thinning or hair loss in their lifetime, and so it’s a huge, huge issue. In fact, every single woman I can think of in my family has suffered from hair loss. That includes my mom, that includes my mother in law, and includes my grandmother and my great grandmothers.

You know, all of them had that short blue hair as they got older. They had the shorter hair and they had to go in once a week to have their hair curled and set so that it would look good for the week, and it’s preventable. It’s definitely preventable. We can do something about it right here, right now. And I, you know, I remember my grandmother, she actually had, you know, she grew her hair longer when I was a young girl. Maybe she was in her fifties at that time, late fifties, early sixties. She had really thick, beautiful hair. And then I don’t know what happened, but at some point, it got really thin all over and then she went to the short hairdo.

My mom had gorgeous long red hair as a young girl, and in all of her pictures, I can see all of her beautiful hair, just thick, gorgeous, long red hair. And then when she was 18, she said that she got sick. And so, more than half of it fell out. From 18 on she had very thin hair. So yeah, that’s sort of my genetics and so I’m looking forward to doing everything possible to keep having a gorgeous, thick head of hair. And for those of you who are suffering right now from thinning hair, let’s get this party started.

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