Hair and Hormones Day 1: Heal Hirsutism

This is Robin Nielsen, and I am so excited to be here with you today. This is our hair and hormones training this week. It is all about how you can stop unwanted hair growth and grow a beautiful head of hair. This is a really big deal for women. It’s huge. So many women suffer from something called hirsutism, or that dark coarse hair growth on many parts of the body. But of course the face is the worst, and many women suffer from hair loss. 

Today is all about healing, dark, coarse hair growth. You’re going to discover your underlying root causes and make a plan to heal for more beautiful skin. So today is all about healing your hirsutism. It’s a little bit complicated, so I’m going to try to make it as simple as possible. I just want to say welcome. I just want all of us to arrive here. It’s such a blessing that we can gather from all over the world and really support each other in such a profound way. So just take a minute to breathe into the fact that you’re here. You’re going to find support for yourself.

When you get to know me a little bit, you’ll know that I’m all about helping you to become the CEO of your own health. So many times we look for a solution outside of ourselves, and this solution to feeling well is inside you. If you’ve been struggling with some symptoms for quite a while, you know that there really is no magic bullet out there, and so I’m gonna show you some of the things that we need to do if we want to feel fabulous. We want to heal our symptoms so that we have great energy so that we have kind of that vibrancy, that sparkle, that twinkle in our eyes and we really can shine as who we really are. So this is a safe, confidential space and we’re going to look at everyone at through the lens of love.

Whatever is shared in this community stays in this community. So don’t go sharing this with even your spouse, your partner. This information that we share here with each other is completely confidential. We are going through some pretty profound struggles and I want to make sure that we honor every single woman who is here in a really big way so that she can share what’s going on for her and we can support her. So I’m just giving you some love, it’s so great to be here with you.

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