I Have Gastric Distress With Metformin. What Should I Do?

I Have Gastric Distress With Metformin. What Should I Do?

Dear Robin: “I have been recently diagnosed with high insulin levels with PCOS of course but normal blood sugar. I’ve been advised to take 2200mg of metformin per day with multivitamins but it is causing me a lot of gastric distress, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. So the doctor has asked me to reduce the dosage but it isn’t helping! What is an alternative if not Metformin? Kindly guide me!” ~ Meghana

Dear Meghana: There are many natural solutions to higher levels of insulin that are very effective.

Magnesium is my favorite and your body needs magnesium for over 300 reactions in the body. It improves insulin sensitivity, because it plays an important role in insulin balance and glucose metabolism. And most women are severely deficient in magnesium. The best way to check your levels is on blood work, testing the magnesium RBC marker. You’ll want it to be 5.5 or higher for optimal levels.

Other nutrients like chromium, vanadium, and cinnamon are fabulous for managing insulin, along with being careful about your carbohydrate intake. If you stick to eating whole real foods and focus on healthy proteins, fats, and non-starchy vegetables with a bit of starchy veggies and a piece of fruit each day, you should be able to manage your insulin levels just fine. It’s the processed foods, flours and sugar that are deal-breakers.

I also like herbs like berberine but with the info above, I think that’s all you need! All of these nutrients are in the 5-Element System nutrients. It was designed to help you better manage insulin.

There’s no need to suffer Meghana as the natural approach to better insulin management is quite easy. ~ Robin


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