Why Do I Feel So Much Better On Birth Control?

Why Do I Feel So Much Better On Birth Control?

Dear Robin: “Why does my anxiety/depression and hair growth (body hair) practically diminish when on birth control? What does my body love about BC? And how do I get pregnant off BC and remain sane because I feeling like I am going crazy?!” ~ Jessica

Dear Jessica: I am going to take a leap here and assume that you are referring to hormonal birth control vs. birth control without hormones.

It is curious that your depression is lifted with hormonal birth control (HBC) because it is a major cause of depression in women. But this gives you some pretty good clues as to what’s going on with your hormones.

You know, it’s a common thought that estrogen is elevated in women with PCOS, but that’s often just not the case. Estrogen is often low right along with progesterone which would explain your depression and anxiety.

HBC helps you because it completely blocks your own hormones and substitutes very consistent levels of synthetic estrogen and possibly progesterone, depending on which one you are taking.

But this doesn’t mean it’s a healthy approach. HBC supplies your body with synthetic (think “foreign substance”) hormones, blocks ovulation and does not give you a regular cycle even though it may look like that’s what’s happening.

So it’s time for you to investigate what your hormone deal-breakers are so you’ll feel just as good or better when you stop taking them.

Has stress been ruling your life? Is your diet sabotaging your health? The food you eat and when you eat is is the #1 way you can change all of this Jessica. I would say that sleep is #2 and replacing missing nutrients is #3.

Your body has been in overdrive for too long and this means that you are not making enough of your sex hormones. Don’t give up on healing your body Jessica. You’ve got this! ~ Robin


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