Exercise Used to Hurt

I’m off to play a tennis match today but I really wanted to check in with you before I head out.

Exercise is tricky with PCOS. For me, it used to hurt.

I thought I had to run off my flab, so I would go running. But I would get cramps in my side, have a hard time breathing and it seemed like I would get fatter. It was such a struggle.

I was a good athlete. I was a nice swimmer, a decent tennis player, and even made the girl’s basketball team even though I never practiced. But I just could never get comfortable exerting myself because it was so stressful for me.

Today as I head off to play my tennis match, I’m prepared.

I am a healthy food and nutrient junkie. I no longer get cramps in my side, I have good lung capacity and I can manage my energy.

I am having a great tennis season. Today as I write this I have 6 wins and 1 loss at a fairly competitive level. And it’s fun. I don’t feel like it’s a struggle like it used to be for me.

Movement as medicine is Element #3 in our 5-Element System. I teach you how to exercise so that you can feel well, and how to support yourself when you want to do more at a higher level.

I am wishing you a terrific day today. I hope you’ll get outside and move your beautiful body. Walking is my favorite, especially in the woods or at the beach.

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