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Hi Beauties. Hey, this is Robin Nielsen and welcome to Hormone Breakthrough Wednesdays. I’m so excited to be here with you and I chose hormone breakthrough because that’s what we need. We need a breakthrough to balance our hormones and feel so much better. So today I thought the topic would be eat meals since that was the post for Get Motivated Mondays. It’s time for me to give you a little tip on how you can take that next step into really improving how you feel, because we need to become the CEO of our own health. We need to take charge. We’re in control. We can do that by empowering ourselves with information and then taking action on it. So we not only need that information, but then we need to do something about it.

And you know, it was interesting, one of our beautiful sisters in this community actually posted about how some advice I gave her completely improved her sleep. And that is incredibly huge, incredibly huge. So these little tips are powerful. So you know, as much as you can, join in or watch later. The better you’re going to feel is pretty amazing. So today I want to talk about why eating meals was so important to share for Get Inspired Tip or Get Motivated Mondays. That’s because so many of us now are actually not sitting down for meals and that’s really, really hard on your whole physiology. So it’s a distressful way to eat. We have to be in what’s called the parasympathetic nervous system mode to digest our foods. So if we’re in the sympathetic, which is the fight or flight nervous system, then unfortunately our blood flow is to the periphery of our bodies and not to the internal organs that do digestion.

As a result, we’re just not going to digest our food well. We’re not going to absorb nutrients well. We’re going to feel unwell and unbalanced. So sitting down and eating meals in the proper environment is incredibly important. Most of us actually eat five to six meals a day on the go and that’s going to keep insulin up. It’s actually going to increase inflammation. It’s not going to give your body time to heal and restore and recover. As a result, you’re going to kind of be stuck in this inflammatory hormone imbalanced mode. Does that make sense?

Do you feel like you’ve gotten away from eating meals? Sitting down and actually eating meals either by yourself or with those you love, friends, family, I’d love to hear from you on what you’ve noticed. Are you finding yourself sitting down eating meals or do you find yourself grazing more throughout the day? Eating meals is super hormone balancing. It’s not super sexy. It’s like, “Really, sitting down and eating meals? That’s going to help me get more hormonally balanced?” And the answer is absolutely yes! So studies have shown that when we sit down to eat a meal, we actually digest our food so much better. You’ll find that even your bowel movements are so much better when you sit down and eat a meal with those you love.

It’s amazing when I get together with my family and I think, “Oh, I probably ate a few things I shouldn’t have eaten,” and then I realized that my digestion is so hearty. I feel so much better. My stools are so much more well-formed. Like it’s really amazing how great I feel when I’m eating in community, which is so important. So eating meals is critical for hormone balance. The timing of your meals is really important too. But if you only have one take away from this Hormone Breakthrough Wednesday, it’s that you want to make sure that you get back to eating meals. One of my favorite people is Deepak Chopra. You may have heard of him. He’s an incredible spiritual guru of our time. And you know, he says, “Even if you’re just eating grapes, you’re just having a little snack.” Sit down, make sure you’re in a comfortable place, and eat slowly.

Chew your food really well and give yourself a chance to digest and you want to sit about five minutes after your meal is finished so that your body can start digesting your food in a really powerful way. I wanted to read you something that’s really beautiful and years ago when I started doing surf and wellness retreats, I grabbed this book, called “A Grateful Heart” and it’s so beautiful. It has blessings from Buddha to The Beatles and it’s always so nice to bless our food before we eat it because it’s the food that we eat that gives us the nourishment to live. How powerful is that? It’s the nutrients in the food that allow us to live another day. So the author of this book writes, “I’ve viewed meal time as a humbling moment. The need to eat not only unites us all, but underscores a basic human frailty. Nature marks time in eons. Yet each of us needs to eat every few hours, a fraction of time almost too infinitesimal for nature to even measure. But the need is true and unrelenting for each and every one of us. No matter how rich or poor, powerful or oppressed, weak or strong, it is an emblem of our humanness. It’s almost as if nature had created an infallible way to remind us daily and nearly hourly that we are bound to and dependent upon every other living thing in this universe and knowledge that is surely the ultimate blessing.”

Whether we’re eating plants or whether we’re eating meat from animals or eggs, we are taking the life of that plant or that animal in order to nourish our own bodies and to survive.

It’s really important that you not only choose really beautiful nutrient dense food, but that you also say just a brief blessing from a book like this or you can actually make up your own blessing and just to bless the beautiful food before you and thank it for giving it’s life for your life and just be so, so grateful for the beautiful food and energy before you and bless it so that it’s energy provides you with good energy. I just want to make sure that I encourage you to eat meals and stop snacking. I’m going to just randomly pick a blessing to read you out of this book to end today. So it says, “Do everything with a mind that let’s go. Do not expect any praise or reward. If you let go a little, you will have a little peace. If you let go a lot, you will have a lot of peace. If you let go completely, you will know complete peace and freedom. Your struggles with the world will have come to an end.” This is by a Chun Cha. So you can see there are all sorts of beautiful blessings and a grateful heart. So I invite you to start eating meals no matter how big or small what it is that you’re eating so that you actually sit down and allow your body to chew and digest and get back into that beautiful parasympathetic mode right where your digestion is really hardy because that’s where all of the magic happens for hormone balance. That’s where we absorb all those beautiful nutrients. That’s where we get rid of all the toxins. All these really great things happen. I look forward to hearing from you around your meals whether or not you’ve been sitting down, whether you’re snacking and what you notice when you start sitting down for meals every time you eat. Alright, sending you so much love beautiful sisters. I will see you here again next week for Hormone Breakthrough Wednesdays, sending you so much love. Bye.

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