Will This System And Diet Change Heal My Sleep Apnea?

Will This System And Diet Change Heal My Sleep Apnea?

Dear Robin: Will this system and diet change heal my sleep apnea?” ~ Bonnie

Dear Bonnie:  The Natural Hormone Solution could help you heal your sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a result of inflammation and the System helps to reduce inflammation. Your symptoms of high blood pressure, anxiety, racing heart and terrible sleep are worrisome for sure.When you don’t sleep well at night, high blood pressure is one of the first things to happen. That’s because sleep helps your blood regulate stress hormones, helping your nervous system remain healthy. If you chronically lack sleep you could hurt your body’s ability to regulate stress hormones, which will lead to high blood pressure.

Have you done a sleep study or asked your doctor for a CPAP machine? It’s critical that your body gets the oxygen it needs so you can sleep, because even the most modest amount of sleep deprivation will raise inflammation – the root cause of your situation.

So start here. Make sure you’re eating for hormone balance because how you eat affects your sleep. Watch this video to learn more. Protein in the form of 100% grass fed meats, free range organic chicken, organic eggs and wild caught fish and shellfish are very grounding and will help to decrease anxiety. Getting outside and walking or doing some form of exercise can help to burn excess cortisol and GABA Calm is a great supplement to use during the day to decrease anxiety while you’re getting your diet, exercise, sleep and other nutrients organized. Don’t use the GABA Calm after 2pm because it also contains tyrosine to keep you awake but relaxed.

The 5-Element System will replace missing nutrients and teach you what to do to reduce inflammation so your sleep apnea and anxiety slowly go away.

Small wins equal big successes Bonnie so just get started with one thing and you’ll see some big results. ~ Robin

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