How is PCOS Diagnosed?

How is PCOS Diagnosed?

Dear Robin: “If PCOS can’t be diagnosed by ultrasound, does a rise in LH, FSH and anti mullerian hormone confirm PCOS? I suffer from irregular menstrual cycles, weight gain and extremely high levels of all of these hormones.” ~ Asho

Dear Asho: In women with PCOS who are still menstruating LH tends to be quite high and FSH tends to be low. A “normal” ratio is 1:1 but with PCOS it can be as high as 3:1 (LH to FSH). And Anti Mullerian hormone can be elevated. This is fairly common with PCOS.

So how do you diagnose PCOS? It is quite subjective and really involves self-investigation, because it is a group of symptoms related to elevated androgen levels. There can be many root causes.

Take inventory for yourself – here are some main symptoms: a history of irregular menstrual cycles, no ovulation (anovulation), facial hair, acne, hair thinning, recurrent miscarriages, dark velvety skin patches, metabolic syndrome (a more apple body shape – although you can also be thin with PCOS), and polycystic ovaries on ultrasound if pre-menopause. There can be many more symptoms as well, but these are the main excess androgen symptoms.

Important tests to run are the DUTCH Complete test (watch the webinar to learn more about why this is so great for testing hormones including adrenal) and for blood work some important tests are: fasting insulin and glucose, HA1c, day 3 LH to FSH ratio, and figure out your HOMA scoreThis is the blood panel we run here at Insulite and you can always add the AMH (Anti Mullerian hormone) as well.

You certainly do not need a formal diagnosis for PCOS Asho. If you are not feeling your best, there’s no time like the present to begin learning more about how to better take care of yourself! ~ Robin


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