What Are You Avoiding?

What Are You Avoiding?

Do you suffer from cravings sometimes like I do? Do you ever wonder why they happen?

As I was reaching for my go-to food to satisfy my cravings the other day, I realized it was because I was unconsciously looking for a distraction.

I wanted to put off something I had to do.

In comes dark chocolate to the rescue.

While I’m eating little pieces of dark chocolate, all of a sudden I can tolerate that thing that I didn’t want to do before.

I eat my dark chocolate mindlessly while I happily plod through the task that before was overwhelming me.

So I thought about why the dark chocolate was calling to me…

Firstly, I was a bit fatigued, and secondly I was resisting doing something I didn’t want to do. Makes perfect sense, right?

Instead of going for the dark chocolate, I could have honored what my body and mind were telling me. I could have taken a break and acknowledged how I was feeling instead of pushing through.

Awareness is the first step to addressing cravings, or at least understanding them.

Cravings aren’t bad. They just need to be understood.

That’s why they’re the 4th Element in our 5-Element System for PCOS.

Because if you don’t understand your cravings, they can sabotage you over and over again. They can actually keep your health stuck and even make it worse.

This can be very serious.

There are many reasons we crave. Here is a short list:

  • you’re tired
  • you’re avoiding something
  • you didn’t plan your meals and now you’re starving
  • you have nutrient deficiencies
  • you’re dehydrated
  • you have unresolved emotional issues (this may come under “you’re avoiding something”)
  • you’re hormonal
  • your body is trying to find balance
  • your brain chemistry needs balancing
  • you’re stressed out!

Next time your cravings get the best of you, take a moment to notice what’s going on for you. Read the list above and see if one of these might fit.

If you’re tired, take a nap or go to bed earlier tonight.

If you’re not eating well, plan your meals better and learn how to eat for hormone balance.

Be sure to drink enough water throughout the day – this will keep your stress hormones down.

I’ll bet you can tell me right now the real reason you have cravings.

One of my favorite people in our VIP community called me recently. She’s always had a beautiful figure but lately she’s been gaining weight and is very unhappy about it.

After talking to her I learned that her life has been super stressful over the last few months. She’s gone through some pretty traumatic experiences.

This caused a change in her normally healthy diet to be replaced with comfort foods to help her get through.

She was blaming her weight gain on her PCOS, but her life had actually changed so much that she was having a hard time sifting through all the problems that had come her way.

Stress was taking her out.

Sometimes life happens. But having the awareness that she’s been dealing with a lot of stress will help her to be gentle on herself, and address some challenging issues head on so she can get back to putting herself first.

What causes your cravings?

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