Could Timing Be Everything When It Comes To Your Hormones?

Could Timing Be Everything When It Comes To Your Hormones?

By Lindsay Chandler, PCOS Food Advocate

Finding hormonal balance can be difficult. There are so many aspects of our lives that can affect how our hormones react. Food, toxins and stress all play a major role in how our hormones behave but could timing of your meals make a difference?

In the upcoming Natural Solutions For PCOS online conference, guest speaker, Felish Gersh addresses how timing and quantity of your meals may affect your hormone balance. Felish suggests that beginning your day with your largest most nutrient dense meal may be a better way to go. She also suggests that fasting between dinner and breakfast, at least 14 hours, can help lower testosterone and insulin levels.

Though this may seem like the complete opposite of what we have all been taught our entire lives, these suggestions may make a huge difference in how our hormones operate. For many of us, breakfast is on the go and is usually the least fulfilling meal of the day. And after a long day many of us find ourselves loading our plates for our largest meal of the day. Could there be something behind the timing of our meals and how our hormones respond?

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