Birth Control Choices – Contraception for PCOS – Robin’s Top 5 Picks

By Robin Nielsen

The right form of birth control can be hard to figure out because there are many factors to consider. I think the biggest thing to be aware of is to look for a solution that doesn’t alter your body’s chemistry, rhythm and function. As soon as you take the pill or put a permanent structure in your body you are having an impact on your body far beyond just preventing pregnancy. (See Birth Control Pill here for more information on regulating your cycle with birth control pills.)

If you decide that the birth control pill is truly the best choice for you to prevent pregnancy, please be sure to learn about the risks so you can support your body to mitigate them. For women with PCOS they most always worsen symptoms, causing further hormone imbalance and put you at risk for serious side effects.

Here are my top choices for contraception:

#1 Choice*: Fertility Awareness Method using Daysy ( – this is amazing and your first choice for contraception. It’s 99.3% effective and it’s just by using a thermometer every morning. Although pricey, “fertility monitoring” is covered by Flexible Spending Accounts – super good news! Just check with your FSA prior to purchase.

#2 Condoms: 98% effective when used every time you have intercourse

#3 Birth control sponge* (it’s #3 because it’s easy): 80% effective when used every time you have intercourse

#4 Diaphragm w/spermacide*: 88% effective when used every time you have intercourse

#5 IUD – Paraguard* (stays inside you all the time): 99% effective (it is made of copper so you’ll need to take extra zinc to balance that out – very important!)

*None of these birth control methods are effective for STDs. So if you are not in a monogamous relationship, condoms are the best choice.

What is your favorite?

Next Steps

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