Cassava A Secret Weapon for Balancing Your Hormones!


Cassava is a starchy tuber native to South America, similar to something like a sweet potato. More familiar to us in its pure starch form as tapioca, cassava is a secret weapon for hormone balance and is even finding its way into beauty products as a non-toxic binder. With its popularity as a gluten-free flour alternative, low glycemic index and antioxidant properties, this righteous root should not be overlooked.

Here are FOUR ways cassava can support you:

  1. Heals Your Gut
    For those sensitive to gluten, cassava flour is an amazing alternative in things like homemade bread, brownies or pancakes. Because it contains no gluten it can free your gut from inflammation caused by wheat or barley, and give your microbiome a better chance to heal.
  2. Helps Balance Blood Sugar
    Cassava also has a low glycemic index (meaning the sugars are absorbed more slowly) and can play an important role as a substitute for other starches when it comes to managing blood sugar. Similar to a boiled sweet potato, cassava is high in healthy starch and can be enjoyed in similar ways. Balancing blood sugar is a foundational step toward rebalancing hormones.
  3. Reduces Inflammation
    One thing that makes cassava really stand out is its high Vitamin C content when compared with other carbohydrates. With an astonishing 70% of the daily recommended value per cup, cassava beats the major grains, even potatoes, and can supercharge your meals with antioxidants when used as an alternative. Antioxidants like Vitamin C are essential for immune support and for reducing oxidative stress (which contributes to aging).
  4. Non-toxic Beauty Star
    Cassava is a notoriously absorbent and sticky starch great for making things thicker (think tapioca pudding). Recently it has gained popularity as a binder and thickener in non-toxic beauty products. Because it is good at absorbing oils some brands are using cassava as part of the base for things like rouge and lipstick with great success.

Cassava has long been an important staple in traditional cultures and is now much more visible in Western cuisine because of its nutritional versatility. Thanks to its obvious advantages, utilizing this root could make cassava a valuable part of your hormone balancing routine.

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