Can PCOS Completely Heal?

Dear Robin: Can PCOS completely heal? And how? There is no problem for pregnancy is there?
~ Sukanya

Dear Sukanya: Yes. Symptoms of PCOS can completely heal, but you’ll always need to take good care of yourself or the symptoms may come back.

With true PCOS, it’s a genetic “thing”… hormone receptors don’t work well, conversion of estrogen from DHEA and testosterone oftentimes is “broken” so you have too many androgens all the time, insulin resistance genes can easily get turned on, and progesterone seems to be in the tank from too much insulin and cortisol. Even estrogen levels are oftentimes a little low, with a low-grade inflammation constantly keeping you stuck.

The way you heal is by learning how to better take care of yourself. Even the smallest stressor can bring symptoms back with a vengeance so you’ll need to become aware of what they are for you in your life.

And yes, there can be issues with pregnancy. PCOS is the leading cause of something called “anovulatory menstruation”. This is when you don’t ovulate each month, or every month.

If you don’t ovulate you cannot conceive, and you may not have enough progesterone to carry a baby full term. So it’s very important that you get yourself healthy to start a family. Learn some basics about how to have a baby here.
~ Robin


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