2 Amazing Breakfast Smoothies for PCOS

Breakfast is usually the most skipped meal of the day, but do you know that it’s THE most important meal for managing PCOS?

Why is that? Because when you eat breakfast you are literally breaking a fast. In the morning your body is waking up and when you eat, the food signals your hormones to begin the day.

Shakes are a great breakfast for many reasons:

  • They are quick and easy and most people skip breakfast because they don’t have time
  • If you have to eat on the run, you’ll be able to digest them better than a regular meal
  • They taste yummy and usually satisfy the pickiest people
  • Breakfast sets your hormone balance for the day – if you skip a healthy breakfast your hormones will be out-of-balance for the rest of the day
  • Science shows that a higher protein breakfast just makes you smarter!
  • The right shake = healthier insulin balance

Here are some quick rules when making a shake

  • Always add healthy protein, fat, carbohydrates and fiber
  • Use coconut milk, almond milk and/or water for your base
  • Add vegetables whenever possible (the more the better)
  • Focus on low sugar carbs like berries and vegetables
  • Use ground flax and chia seed for nice fat and fiber

Choose a healthy protein powder: read ingredients and choose one with Pea Protein or Rice-based protein and no artificial ingredients – be sure it’s non-GMO and organic.
Here are a few of my favorites (click on the links below):

  1. PowerPaleo Vanilla Protein
  2. Vegan Vanilla Organic Protein

Follow the rules above and you’re on your way to an amazing start to your day!











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