How Do I Get Off Birth Control Without Bad Side Effects?

How Do I Get Off Birth Control Without Bad Side Effects?

Dear Robin: “How do I curb the symptoms of going off of birth control? I do not want to break out and gain weight and go back to where I was?” Addie

Dear Addie: Congratulations for taking the big leap going off hormonal birth control.That’s a big first step towards healing.

You have been off your hormonal birth control (HBC) for 3 weeks and so far so good, correct? HBC doesn’t correct anything in your body so whatever was causing your acne and weight gain before you started HBC may still be there if you haven’t worked to change how you’re taking care of yourself.

Go here to get my Hormone Deal-Breaker Checklist. This will show you what to focus on to make sure that you continue healing and feeling better and better. Start by adding fiber into your diet everyday – that’s the most important habit to change because it impacts so many aspects of hormone balance. Then begin walking right after each meal for 15 minutes to reduce insulin spikes. If you just add in these two things you’ll be on your way. ~ Robin

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