Beth Barrington’s Health Journey

Hi everyone. This is Robin Nielsen and I’m the chief wellness officer here at Insulite Health Today I’m interviewing the beautiful Beth Harrington. Will you share with us your health journey Beth? When did you realize that things weren’t just right for you? What symptoms were you noticing? Then, what point did you reach out to get advice and what has been your journey?

I guess really my big why in all this was around my fertility. It took us a year and a half to get pregnant with my daughter, and even back then I wonder, “What’s going on? Why is it taking so long?” Then we ended up having her. So grateful for her. Then we started trying again, about a year, when she was about a year old we started trying again. Again, just having the same challenge of just not getting pregnant, we did have a miscarriage in there shortly after that. Well, we were getting pregnant, but I had a miscarriage. Then after that first miscarriage, it was just taking so long.

It was really the beginning of last year that I went to the doctor, to my OBGYN and they ran some tests, told them what was going on and they came back with the test results and from the blood work and told me that my insulin was high. I’m like … Of course, my immediate response was, “Oh my gosh. How is that possible. I thought I was pretty healthy.” I know diabetes runs in my family but this doesn’t make a lot of sense. That doctor ended up giving me a diagnosis of PCOS. That’s been about a year and a half ago. I’m really grateful for that diagnosis because it really has set me on this path and this journey of just learning about it, researching about it. I love to learn. That’s really when I was officially diagnosed was about a year and a half ago, but as I was doing my research, I was learning that I’d had some of these symptoms for years. Even back in college. Who knew? It was finally an explanation for these questions that I had.

That was good and it was helpful. Really that’s when I learned about the calm and the Insulite Health Five Element System when I did a Google search, back right after I was diagnosed. I looked into it a little bit, started to order the supplements and then I got pregnant. Of course, the doctor also put me on Clomid and Metformin. I stopped taking the supplements after I got pregnant, but then I ended up miscarrying. That was last year. Again, just really heartbreaking, devastating to experience that loss for a second time.

I wasn’t really making a lot of changes though. I was really just, I just started adding the supplements in and so I started taking them again, last summer. Got pregnant again, this time with no medication, which I was very grateful for, but ended up having a third miscarriage, again because I was not making the other changes, diet and exercise.

That was just sort of like my, “Oh my gosh, I think I’m done. This is too much. Three miscarriages in the last couple of years feels incredibly painful and overwhelming and what do I do with this?” Just a lot of questions and not a lot of answers. After that third miscarriage, I really just took some time to think about what do I want to do and where do I want to go forward? At the beginning of this year decided that, “Okay. I’m going to get serious now about my health and my PCOS. It’s time to take charge, to be in control of myself and use some self discipline.”

I ordered the supplements again. This time I was like, “I’m going to go all out. I’m going to do six months and I’m going to do all the other pieces and I’m going to go through the program this time so I can learn about it and implement what we’re learning.” I’ve had this huge transformation over these last five months of just feeling like a new person. I have released, as we like to say and I love that. I released twenty five pounds since Christmas. I feel better physically. I’m not having the back problems that I was having. I have energy. My emotions are stable. I’m not having these afternoon crashes of irritability or anxiety and depression. Those are all stable now. I am, I’m just a new person. I just have become so passionate and seen how well this has worked that I’ve got to share it with other people. I’ve got to get the word out.

Such a great story Beth. Oh my gosh. Such a great story. You did the Freedom from PCOS Program and that’s when you really jumped in with both feet. You ordered six month worth of supplements and you said, “I am doing this. I am making this happen.” Sometimes that’s where we have to got. We have to go kind of down pretty far before we say, “I’m going to figure this out.”

Yeah. After my last miscarriage, I really was like, “I think I’m just done. I’m so tired of this battle and the emotional toll. I feel like it knocks me out, physically and emotionally at least for a couple of months after each one.” I sort of felt like I was done and now having come through all of this and made all of these healthy changes, I have hope again. My husband and I are going to try again later this year and hope to have another success story for you of us getting pregnant and staying pregnant next time around. I feel just so much more hopeful and confident about getting pregnant again because of the changes that I’ve made. I love it. I can’t go back. I’ve just experienced so much joy and peace. There’s just no going back.

Could you just comment about the PCOS Natural Hormone Solution? How important do you feel that, or has that been in your journey?

Really, I love it. You’re addressing all the pieces. There’s not just one piece. It’s not just the food. It’s not just the supplements. You’re looking at food and supplements and exercise and getting accountability and support and reducing stress. All of those pieces together, just creates this beautiful balance. That’s what I love doing is bringing balance to women. I love the balance and I think that the Natural Hormone Solution is a beautiful balance of all those pieces, because they’re all important. Every last one of them is important and needing to be implemented to have success, I believe.

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