Berberine: It’s amazing effects for women with PCOS


Plants containing the chemical berberine have been used in traditional medicines for thousands of years to treat diarrhea, improve diabetes, reduce inflammation and more. Now there is a new body of research showing berberine has significant benefits to women struggling with PCOS and symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

According to a collection of recent studies, berberine can help support women with PCOS in some incredible ways:

Improves Insulin Sensitivity
One of the biggest benefits to women with PCOS is helping to stimulate the release of insulin, leading to better regulation of glucose levels in the bloodstream. Tests have shown it can be just as effective at managing glucose as some anti-diabetic medications like metformin, without some of the dangers or side-effects.

Supports Weight Loss & Healthy Fat Distribution
In addition to improving insulin production, berberine has a favorable effect on the way fat is stored. By inhibiting the storage of visceral fat, berberine has the potential to significantly reduce or eliminate visceral fat and has been shown to reduce waist circumference and BMI.

Improves Fertility And Pregnancy
There is also good news for women struggling to get pregnant. Studies have shown that therapy with berberine leads to an increase in the ovulation rate per cycle thanks to an improved insulin response in certain cells in the ovaries. It can also significantly improve outcomes for IVF due to the alleviation of PCOS symptoms. Because berberine is not associated with the risks of drugs like metformin, it is safer as a long-term treatment in women looking to get pregnant.

Lowers Testosterone
Thanks to its role in rebalancing hormones, berberine has been shown to significantly reduce levels of testosterone in women with PCOS.

Improves Acne
Along with its ability to balance hormones, berberine has antimicrobial properties that prove to be an effective alternative to the treatment of acne with antibiotics.

With all these amazing benefits, berberine might be considered a “super herb” for hormone balance and is a key component of the Natural Hormone Solution 5-Element System.

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