Avoiding an Energy Level Crash After Early Exercise

Many PCOS working women who exercise early in the morning to improve weight control find themselves suffering energy level crashes later in the morning. That’s because they don’t feel like eating a healthy breakfast before exercising and don’t have time for one before going on to work.
It’s normal to wake up and not be hungry in the morning. Depending on when you last ate the night before, your body has gone from six to 12 hours without food. Since your body still burns calories while you sleep, many of the carbohydrates stored in your liver are metabolized throughout the night to provide energy.
This can put you in a mild state of ketosis when you wake up in the morning, which involves a slightly higher ratio of fat being converted to blood sugar. One of the side effects is a diminished appetite.
But don’t be fooled. Just because you don’t feel hungry, it doesn’t mean your body can skip an intake of fuel to set you up for the day.
In fact, if you jump straight into strenuous exercise in the morning, you need food to power you through it. The fact that you feel so depleted after the workout is proof.
Advice tomorrow on what to eat to avoid an energy crash.

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