Why We Love Avocados for PCOS

Avocados are awesome for women with PCOS. They are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, and can be enjoyed as a delicious dip or even as a small meal by themselves.

Avocados are a superfood. When they are combined with other vegetables, avocados can actually increase the nutrient value of those veggies.

Here are some of the amazing health benefits offered by avocados:

  • They are packed with potassium, in fact, they contain more potassium than bananas! It’s essential for enhancing muscle strength and improving metabolism.
  • They contain hormone balancing, healthy fats that help reduce both inflammation and low-grade inflammation (one of the hallmark symptoms of PCOS).
  • Avocados offer a whopping 20% RDA of folate per 3.5 oz – an essential nutrient for reproduction, detoxification, energy and many other functions in the body.
  • They are packed with fiber, which supports weight loss and helps to balance blood sugar. The fiber found in avocados also helps feed the healthy bacteria in the gut leading to better digestive health.

I think its safe to say that avocados are a superfood for anyone, especially women with PCOS.

Here are a few ways to select and prepare avocados for your daily meals:

  • The key for finding a perfectly ripe avocado will be under the small stem cap. Peel back the stem and if the underneath is green you have a perfectly ripe avocado.
  • Avocado can easily be mashed into guacamole. Add some fresh chopped cilantro, a squeeze of lime with a dash of sea salt and pepper!
  • Slice and freeze your avocado on a lined baking tray. Once frozen place in a sealed container and store in your freezer. These can easily be added to your morning smoothie.
  • Fresh avocado slices can top your favorite morning egg dish for added fat and fiber to keep you fuller longer.
  • Once you have a perfectly ripe avocado place them in to the fridge. This will help lengthen their shelf life 1-2 days.
  • To hasten the ripening of your avocado, place it in a brown bag with an apple or banana and roll down the top of the bag. It may take one to two days for it to soften enough to use.

Avocados can be added to so many dishes to enrich their flavor or creaminess. I enjoy adding a few frozen slices to my morning smoothie for added fat and fiber, along with giving my smoothie an extra creamy texture. How will you add avocados to your diet this week?

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