The Dangers of Aluminum

The Dangers of Aluminum

By Lindsay Chandler, PCOS Food Advocate

Aluminum can be found in almost all areas of your home. In your kitchen pantry you probably have aluminum foil, cooking pots, and cans of veggies all in aluminum. Aluminum can be found in many personal care products from deodorant to make up, it’s even snuck into pharmaceuticals like antacids and aspirin.

But why is aluminum so toxic for our bodies? Our bodies do not need aluminum to thrive. Aluminum can accumulate in places like your thyroid, kidneys and liver and fight with needed vitamins and minerals for absorption. Studies have shown that toxic metals, like aluminum, can cause oxidative stress on cells within the body leading to added inflammation. Women with PCOS tend to have a higher response to toxins and the oxidative stress caused by them.

In the kitchen cooking directly in or on aluminum foil can leach out toxic chemicals including BPA into our foods. Finding hidden aluminum throughout your house can also help reduce the levels of inflammation it could be causing. Reducing stressors on the body, like inflammation, is one step to taking control of your PCOS and hormone balance.

Here are a few swaps you can make throughout your home to help reduce the toxic load caused by aluminum:

  • Replace aluminum foil with unbleached parchment paper or reusable container covers.
  • Swap out cooking wear, like pots, pans and utensils for glass, ceramic, wood or green non-stick cookware.
  • Opt for fresh veggies over canned options.
  • Look for cosmetic products that do NOT contain aluminum hydroxide.
  • Swap out tampons (which contain tons of chemicals) for a reusable menstrual cup.
  • Swap out your baking powder for baking soda in your pantry – use half the amount in your next recipe.
  • Bake from scratch. Most prepackaged foods contain aluminum.
  • Talk with your doctor about aluminum-free medication options.

Though it may seem overwhelming to look in every part of your home to find hidden toxins like aluminum it is important to be aware. Like many changes you may be making to help reduce the symptoms of PCOS following the 5% solution can help make these changes easier. Next time you are shopping for a new deodorant check the label – this small change can have a big impact. When reaching for the gluten-free frozen waffles at your local supermarket remember that each waffles contain 1 “dose” (a dose is a large enough amount to cause a negative effect inside the body) of aluminum.

What small changes will you make for your health?

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