Adrenal Health Part I


Today we’re are talking about PCOS and adrenal health. Could your PCOS symptoms be caused by your adrenal dysfunction?

The short answer is YES!

I suffered from Adrenal PCOS. When I discovered this and learned how to fix it, almost all of my symptoms of PCOS went away. I was able to lose weight, my skin cleared up, the bloating went away, and so many other things improved.

Now that we know how important they are let me tell you a little bit about these little known powerhouses! Your adrenal glands are small endocrine glands that sit on top of your kidneys and your left one is slightly larger. Maybe you’ve heard me talk about insulin and cortisol before? Well cortisol is your fight or flight hormone that is produced by your adrenal glands. It is also your daytime hormone that gives you energy, and is there for you in an emergency situation to help you survive. Your adrenal glands also produce about 50 other hormones that help to manage things like your blood sugar, metabolism, blood pressure and sex hormones.

Does it sound like your adrenal glands are important for PCOS?

They make roughly 25% of your testosterone, 50% of your androstenedione. 80% of your DHEA and 100% of your DHEA. They also make progesterone and estrogen and many other hormones. And this all happens in your adrenal glands!

When they are functionally optimally your weight normalizes, you have good energy throughout the day, your digestion is much better, your hormones are balanced, you sleep better and your immune system is strong.

Next week I’ll share what happens when your adrenals are tired or dysfunctional and how this impacts your PCOS symptoms in a big way. You’ll learn why they are so important to your PCOS puzzle, like figuring out if you suffer from “Adrenal PCOS”.

In the meantime register for my webinar about Adrenal PCOS by clicking on the button below.

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