Can Apple Cider Vinegar Really Do That?

Apple cider vinegar, ACV, is my go to vinegar for everything from salad dressings to homemade cleaning products. I guess it could be considered a “cure all” in so many ways. Apple cider vinegar has been around for thousands of years with many uses including medicinal ones. It has been used for weight loss, to aide in lowering blood pressure, and digestion. When consumed with food, ACV helps the body breakdown the nutrients found in fats and proteins, which leads to better nutrient absorption. Our bodies need so many nutrients to function properly that this added benefit from ACV, which is so yummy, only makes it so much more important to include it into our diets.

ACV has been found to help improve insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes when consumed before a meal. Consuming 1 tbsp ACV with 8 oz. of water 20 minutes before each meal can help stabilize blood sugar levels that generally rise after a meal. By keeping blood sugar levels stable, the body will convert less enzymes into testosterone. Having a more balanced level of estrogen and testosterone will greatly improve symptoms of PCOS including weight loss and infertility.

Here are 7 more amazing reasons to include ACV in your daily diet:

  1. Balances acid in your body. Though ACV is acidic, it actually has the opposite effect inside your body leaving you with a more alkaline environment and less possibility for excess mucus and infection.
  2. Helps detoxify the body. ACV can help detoxify the liver and cleanse the lymph nodes.
  3. Reduces the affect of allergies. ACV can reduce mucus and sinus congestion.
  4. Can fight against flu and other viruses. When taken daily ACV can boost your immune system helping to fight off colds and flu viruses.
  5. A cure for acne, warts and skin problems. Mixing 1 part ACV with 3 parts water can make a non toxic skin tonic.
  6. Kills Candida. Candida is most commonly associated with yeast infections, sugar cravings, and fatigue.
  7. Improves stomach acids. ACV can reduce heartburn almost instantly.

Here is what to look for when shopping for ACV:

  • Raw
  • Organic
  • Unfiltered
  • Unpasteurized
  • With Mother

The best ACV for you should not be clear and shiny; it should look a bit dull and foggy. Purchasing ACV that is raw, unfiltered, and unpasteurized leaves it with the most nutrients possible that your body needs. Always buy it packaged in a glass container and organic – this reduces the possibility of additional endocrine disrupters like BPA and GMOs. You will notice the brown stuff floating at the bottom called Mother, this from the fermentation process and contains really important enzymes and live bacteria that make ACV so powerful. Make sure to give your ACV a good shake before each use and store it inside your fridge once opened. Doing so will keep it fresher longer and distribute those powerful enzymes and bacteria each time you use it.

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