A Life Changing Experience: My Story, by Jill Wheeler

There are long and short versions of this story.
The short version is I was informed that I would never conceive a baby naturally, without infertility medicine and/or pharmaceutical intervention, and I did. That was before I heard about the Insulite PCOS System. The Insulite PCOS System and Dr. Mary Shackelton changed my and my family’s life by giving us another baby girl and we all lived happily ever after.

The longer version of the story would tell the frustrating, seemingly endless journey to understand my body, my moods, my infertility, and decades of questions.

Questions like why I was an inordinately moody adolescent (who turned into an equally moody and sometimes depressed adult), why my blood sugar levels were always abnormal (raising suspicions of diabetes), why I had terrible acne throughout my life – why didn’t I grow out of it!!? Why I craved sugar daily. I always had an overall thin frame but I had a “pouchy” mid-section! So many questions unanswered by physicians in my life.

I had a seemingly normal menstrual cycle most of my life, never suspected any reproductive problems, and over the years I had diagnosed myself as having chronic fatigue syndrome, Fibromyalgia, depression, and sugar addiction. It was not until I was married and trying, at 30, to conceive that the pieces finally came together.

I knew from the beginning something was wrong; my cycle was so irregular and I was worried. After about six months my general practitioner said there was nothing to worry about since we hadn’t been trying for a year; she brushed off my concerns. I decided to pursue two different infertility specialists, who determined through tests and ultrasounds that I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

I immediately began researching this condition online and in books. I felt hopeful, as I wasn’t considered a severe case, but also realized that having a baby never felt so important and scary. The risk of miscarriage, as well as the challenge of conceiving at all was overwhelming. I decided to take an aggressive medical route. We eventually conceived Finley with medical intervention and countless months of planning, timing, temperature taking, wishing, hoping, and crying.

Following my first pregnancy and birth I found out about a naturopathic doctor and PCOS specialist, Dr. Mary Shackelton, in Boulder, Colorado. I was eager to curb my terrible sugar habit and cravings, as well as reduce the accumulated fat in my midsection.

After I stopped breastfeeding I began the Insulite PCOS System following consultations with Dr. Shackelton. I couldn’t believe how soon I was absolutely NOT craving sugar everyday. I felt more balanced and less frenetic about my sugar habits. I lost three pounds in the first month. I had never felt more vibrant and confident about my ability to choose healthy foods and snacks. I was not moody, and I felt more energetic and happy. The Insulite PCOS System involves several nutritional supplements taken at different times throughout the day, nutrition, and exercise, and with the amazing and prompt results, I was completely motivated to stick with the program.

I felt blessed to have my first daughter, Finley, and my husband and I knew that at some point we wanted another child. But knowing the great work it would take with my PCOS and infertility we would have to plan extensively. I really did not want to rely on medications again, but did not think there was another option. I was informed by Dr. Shackelton that over time with the proper diet, regular exercise, and targeted nutritional supplements I could actually manage my PCOS!!!! What came as a complete and utter shock was the news that I was PREGNANT only nine months after I had Finley.

We call her the miracle baby. How could we have worked so hard, planned, medicated painstakingly with our first and out of the blue, we were pregnant with another baby just two months after beginning the Insulite PCOS System with another baby!

Channing is amazing. It’s everything I could have ever dreamed of, to be spontaneously enraptured in love and create this gift of life. I never thought I’d get that opportunity having learned of my condition. Many women with PCOS do not get that gift. It’s a difficult, scary, frustrating process. What’s more, this time, because my body responded so well to the Insulite PCOS System, Dr. Shackelton monitored my pregnancy with a natural hormone cream to support the pregnancy and reduce the risk of miscarriage, common with PCOS. This felt MUCH better to me than taking a drug called metformin (used commonly to treat diabetes), that I had to use during my first pregnancy under an OB/GYN and fertility specialist’s direction.

What’s more, during my second pregnancy I did not crave and indulge in ice cream, cakes, candy, and high-sugar cereals and breads like I did during my first pregnancy. I know that the Insulite PCOS System had an incredible impact on my wellbeing – physically, emotionally, and mentally. It’s been life-changing. I want Dr. Shackelton to be recognized for her special work, as well as to give hope to other women suffering from PCOS. There are alternatives to traditional drug interventions. Dr. Shackelton treats the whole person and the whole syndrome. I am so grateful and I want others to benefit as I have.


Please recognize that because of the individual variability of your condition, women will achieve varying results and in different time frames. As many of our testimonials indicate, some women do get a response rather quickly. We do not want to create false hope because PCOS is a serious condition and in most cases results will take longer to achieve and will vary from person to person.


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