5 For This Week: What I Tell My Patients Who Want To Lose Belly Fat: A Hormone Expert Explains

mindbodygreen.com /  Dr. Sara Gottfried This is an interesting read for anyone looking to release weight around their mid-section. If you have PCOS, you probably struggle with the weight around your stomach. Hormone expert, Dr. Sara Gottfried, shares her 10 key strategies for releasing belly fat….. Read more 

5 Ayurvedic Tips to ‘Prime’ Your Body for Weight Loss

5 Ayurvedic Tips to ‘Prime’ Your Body for Weight Loss

yogajournal.com / Jennifer D’Angelo Friedman Ayurveda is the science of life and an ancient form of  the body and mind. The Ayurvedic 5 tips discussed in this article will help you lose weight and heal your gut! Who doesn’t want to do that? Women with PCOS especially need to take care of their gut health…. Read more 

When You Want to Have a Baby…But Can’t

When You Want to Have a Baby…But Can’t

yogajournal.com / Judith Hanson Lasater The number of couples experiencing infertility are increasing, in fact it is estimated that 20% of couples in the US are having fertility issues. Infertility is unfortunately a very common symptom of PCOS. The stresses and environmental toxins of today’s world make it all the more difficult to conceive. Many couples are turning to the practice of yoga to help relax during this stressful time and months later are surprised to find that they are pregnant…. Read more 

6 Ayurvedic Nighttime Rituals for Better Sleep

yogajournal.com / Ashlee Davis The ancient practice Ayurveda can be used in many ways to heal the body; including helping us get a better night’s sleep. Many women with PCOS are struggling to fall and stay asleep at night. It is suggested to create a night time routine that will help you drift off into sleep naturally. The reason most of us have trouble sleeping is almost always stress. These 6 tips will help you calm your body and mind for a restorative night’s sleep…. Read more 

The Health Benefits of Grass Farming

American Grassfed Beef/ Jo Johnson We have been hearing a lot lately about how important it is to eat grass fed meats. This article explains the health benefits of eating grass fed meats. Animals that have been fed grass typically contain more nutrients than those who are fed corn and soy. When you have PCOS it is really important to eat grass fed meats because food is our medicine…. Read more 


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