5 For This Week: Hormone Imbalance, Not Bipolar Disorder

psychologytoday.com / Jory Goodman M.D Every woman knows that hormones can make us a little crazy at certain times of the month. But did you know that hormonal conditions such as PCOS and PMS are sometimes confused with Bipolar Disorder? …. Read more

What Is Oregano Good For?

What Is Oregano Good For?

mercola.com / Dr. Mercola Oregano is a fantastic ingredient to use in cooking because it is packed with flavor. This herb adds nutrition as well as an extra zing to your favorite dish. It is full of antioxidants that attack the dangerous free radicals in our bodies. This superfood also can help to regulate menstrual cycles, which is important for any women dealing with hormonal imbalances such as PCOS…. Read more

5 Recipes To Lower Inflammation & Heal Your Adrenal Fatigue

mindbodygreen.com / Dr. William Cole Many women with PCOS also have adrenal fatigue due to factors such as stress and high cortisol levels. The good news is that you can use food as medicine to heal your adrenal glands and regain your energy…. Read more

The 3 Different Types Of Cravings + How To Beat Each One

mindbodygreen.com / Kristin Dahl Cravings are one of the most common symptoms of PCOS. There are more to cravings than what meets the eye. When you are experiencing a craving for food, it might not be those cookies that you really want. Your body could be dehydrated, need a break, or your hormones could be out of balance…. Read more

Can’t Sleep Through The Night? Maybe A Siesta Is The Answer

Can’t Sleep Through The Night? Maybe A Siesta Is The Answer

huffingtonpost.com/ Sarah DiGiulio Do you have to take a nap just to make it through the day? If you are a woman dealing with the side effects of hormonal imbalance, it may be difficult to sleep through the night and taking a nap may help you get the rest you need…. Read more

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