5 For This Week: EFT: This Natural Method Helps Couples Overcome Fertility Issues

mercola.com / Christine Wheeler, MA  Studies have shown that stress can affect fertility in women. Women who worried about conceiving during their IVF treatments were producing fewer eggs compared to those who were not as worried. A technique called EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, is being used to help women relax and de-stress. EFT is a non-invasive method of resolving any negative emotions that are causing stress in your life…Read more 




The Link Between Hormones and Depression

holtorfmed.com / Kent Holtorf, M.D There is a strong link between our hormones and our mood. Many women with PCOS also struggle with depression and anxiety. The symptoms are caused be our hormones being unbalanced…. Read more




There’s More To Losing Weight Than Diet And Exercise

holtorfmed.com / Kent Holtorf, M.D. Isn’t crazy that even when you are dieting and exercising you still can seem to lose weight? Well turns out that there is much more to losing weight than just diet and exercise. Our hormones and our thyroid both play a role in our body’s ability to release excess weight…. Read more




Could a Medical Problem Called PCOS Be Causing Your Cosmetic Symptoms?

holtorfmed.com  / Holtorf Medical Group Are you suffering from adult acne, hair growth, hair loss, oily skin, and dandruff? It could be PCOS. Many of the symptoms of PCOS show up externally, but they are a sign of what is happening internally….Read more




What I Tell My Patients Who Want To Fight Chronic Inflammation

mindbodygreen.com / Dr. Frank Lipman Women with PCOS probably are also dealing with chronic inflammation. The inflammation in our bodies can increase or decrease by the choices we make. For example, eating processed foods instead of whole, real foods. This article has fantastic tips on how to lower inflammation and promote healing….. Read more 


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