Working Out a Game Plan for PCOS Nutrition

woman shoppingThere shouldn’t be any need for those of us with PCOS to look further than kitchen cupboards to make easy, flavorful and healthy meals each night of the week. And, of course, ready access to balanced, nutritious food is a great way to better manage the symptoms of our condition.

What’s required is a game plan which begins with stocking up on versatile, long-lasting food items. Nutritious basics like good quality oils, tuna, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, vegetable broth, spices and a variety of canned beans are easy to come by and store.

Better still, they’re just as easy to prepare and combine with other items compared to many of the packaged foods we tend to reach for when a labor-intensive, time-consuming meal is out of the question.

Lack of time may seem to extend to most weeknights with today’s busy schedules. But once you have the basics in stock, just buy in some other healthy ingredients such as fish or skinless chicken breasts and you’re set up for a week of inexpensive and deliciously different meals.

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