Women of India and PCOS

The United States currently has the unfortunate reputation of being the fattest country in the world. Sadly, there are plenty of other countries catching up to us. Just Google “fattest countries” and you’ll see a slew of articles detailing the increases in obesity in countries such as Mexico and Australia. Food intake in these and other countries is becoming more concentrated on sugar, fast food and soft drinks and less on healthy, traditional fare.

Unfortunately, countries that have never been on the radar for obesity are now starting to show up there. They are beginning to feel the adverse affects of the influx of fast food and grocery store chains in their communities. Places like China and India, which are historically known for having thin populations, are now becoming fatter as they become more indoctrinated into the global economy. As a result, these and other countries are starting to see an increase in weight related diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

In India, researchers have also found that obese women are having a hard time conceiving. According to an article in The Times of India, this is because 90% of them, 35% of whom are within their childbearing years, suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is a hormonal disorder that affects a woman’s insulin production resulting in irregular menstrual cycles and infertility. Women with PCOS can also experience increased body and facial hair, hair loss, adult acne, and the inability to lose weight solely on a low calorie diet, among other symptoms.

According to Dr Gita Gan guly Mukherjee, former Head of Department- gynaecology at R G Kar Hospital, Kolkata, there are two main reasons for the increase of PCOS diagnoses in Indian women: the adoption of unhealthy eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. Whereas older generations of Indian women eat traditional, lower calorie foods with less sugar, many young Indian girls today eat a steady diet of junk food. When these bad habits are combined with an extremely aggressive academic load, young girls simply cannot burn off the increased calories to maintain a healthy weight.

As a result of these increases, Indian doctors and patients alike are searching for solutions that will help women of Indian descent conceive children. Companies such as Insulite Labs www.insulitelabs.com and support boards such as www.pcosa.org offer these women hope and solutions to their reproductive challenges. In fact, Insulite Labs reports seeing a noticeable up tick in orders of their 5 Element System – nutrition, exercise, vitamins, addiction/cravings awareness and support — coming from Indian women with PCOS living both in India and elsewhere.

Here are testimonials from two women of Indian descent that talk about how incorporating non-pharmaceutical solutions into their daily routines helped reverse the symptoms they were experiencing with PCOS:

“Thanks so much for the Insulite PCOS System. After being on it for 4 months I’ve conceived now and before that I had been trying for last 1 year but failed. Really, you are like lord for us.”

– Pankaj Anand, India

“Thank you very much for having changed my life. I am doing very well with the Insulite Labs PCOS diet and exercise regimen. I am exercising for 35-40 mins daily. My fat has drastically reduced and I now have a flat belly after taking your tablets. I am getting my periods regularly and there is a reduction of facial hair by 70%. I am very thankful to your support and the work you have done to reverse PCOS.”

– Rashmi Desai — Gold Coast, Australia

As illustrated by Pankaj and Rashmi, PCOS is beginning to affect more and more women around the world. Thankfully there are support groups and companies such as Insulite Labs that are working hard to sustain these women – until there is a serious effort to change global dietary and exercise standards that will help our populations maintain a reasonably healthy weight.

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